5 Daily Bad Habits That Affect Your Health and Mind

bad habits effects on health

People make choices throughout the day that might not seem like much, but those choices or bad habits can have a direct impact on your health later in life. Whether you walk or take the car, whether you choose healthy snacks over junk food, or if you smoke, drink alcohol, or are constantly sleep deprived might seem like a small fraction of your life; but the impact of poor behaviours and habits is known to have long term results. The good news is that you can turn your life around by changing your bad habits and choosing health and longevity.

Here are 5 daily habits that affect your health:

Popping Pills

In an overly medicated society, people are often convinced that popping pills for every single ache and pain is going to solve all their problems. Reality check: You don’t need tons of painkillers to live a pain-free life. Moreover, this long term habit of consuming painkillers can lead to other, more devastating health problems, like headaches, joint pain, allergies, muscle pain, heart attack, stomach ulcers, canker sores, high blood pressure, and more.

Instead of consuming too many analgesics, try getting more vitamins and nutrients from wholesome food choices; get more active to work out tight muscles; and try some meditation, yoga, acupuncture, or visit the chiropractor to lower your cortisol levels and feel more relaxed.

Skipping Meals

Sure, you can skip meals once in a while, especially if you are following an intermittent fasting plan. However, there’s a problem with consistently skipping meals throughout the day. You will eventually suffer from a slower metabolism, low energy levels, and imbalanced blood sugar levels. When you finally eat again, your insulin will spike, and your body will scramble to save that energy, which can even lead to weight gain.

Instead of skipping meals, try snacking throughout the day. Choose nutrient-dense snacks instead of empty carbohydrates so you feel fuller longer and have more energy too. A handful of almonds will keep you more satisfied and aware than a candy bar, for example.

Eating Too Much, Too Often

On the flip side, you could be one of those people who avoid eating throughout the day then glut on the calories with a mega meal. Or, you could simply have a large appetite and eat everything in sight more than once a day. Obviously, any time the calories you consume exceeds the calories that you burn off, your body is going to save those calories for later in fat.

Studies have found that being sedentary and overeating increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions that can shorten your lifespan. Next time you feel like eating just because, consider the environment. Are you bored? Thirsty? Are your emotions in check? After all, you could be “hungry” for comfort or dehydrated.

Poor Posture

Slouching can cause shoulder pain, but that’s not all. When you slouch, you can throw your entire body out of whack. Depending on the way you are a slouch, you could inadvertently cause neck and back pain, hip pain, spinal issues (like scoliosis), and uneven hips. You can even negatively impact digestion. Always make sure you are standing with good posture, because this will decrease the pressure on your pain, allow you breath easier, and even make daily activities easier.

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Sedentary Lifestyle

Most people have heard the news that sitting for extended periods of time is terrible for your health. Sitting for hours on end will increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. You will also lose muscle tone, and that can impact your metabolism. Make sure you are getting up for at least 15 minutes for every hour that you sit. Walk around your office. Take a quick climb up and down the steps. Do some stretches. Stay active as possible, and you will find that you feel much more awake and alive.


Your daily bad habits can alter your life dramatically. Small changes can start today, and you can feel better tomorrow. It’s that simple, so commit to it! By making better nutritional choices, staying more active, and managing your stress and pain more wisely, you can better your health and increase your longevity.

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