Mindfulness Exercises with Brain Training 3D Puzzle Games

mindfulness exercises for adults

The brain, like any other muscle, needs to flex from time to time. This makes brain training games for adults such a useful and highly recommended pass time. The brain wants to be entertained or stimulated, which is what fun brain training games were made for. The following are five exciting games that you can consider, and they are all in 3D just for a little added fun. 

1. Starry Puzzle

The wooden star puzzle is a great start, not only is it durable since it is a wooden puzzle game, but it is also pretty fun. The shape is recognizable to the brain, making it a pretty easy game. This is not to say that the wooden puzzle is going to be child’s play either. The 3D aspect should make it a little more difficult since the brain not only has to recognize patterns, but it has to do so in a 3-dimensional plane. Do not worry though; this is reasonably easy but still a challenging puzzle to tackle. 

2. Animal Puzzle

Those that want a little more of a challenge might want to consider an animal 3D puzzle game. The fur of an animal usually makes it harder to recognize small differences between patterns. This means that your brain is going to have to focus a lot more than it would normally in order to find the pieces that fit together. Besides, animals look great in 3D, so everyone wins. 

3. Patriotic Signs

It might be a great time to consider patriotic-themed puzzles. These types of puzzles will do wonders for you since many of these symbols or signs are often complex, making them that much more challenging. There is no better time to celebrate the country’s heritage and many accomplishments than now. This is a great way to celebrate accomplishments, improve the mind, and touch on important subjects with your significant other or with friends. The 3D aspect should create a pretty great image when you are done with the puzzle. 

4. Connect 4

Connect4 in 3D might seem like an impossible thing to accomplish, but that is not the case. Everyone remembers just how fun the connect four game can be, and there is no reason not to continue enjoying this game, even as an adult. The 3D version of this game makes the entire game a little more challenging but also fun. The brain not only has to concentrate on forming patterns on a 3D plane, but it must pay attention to your opponent’s actions, which could help you figure out if they see a pattern you are not paying attention to.

5. Ball Games

A circle may seem pretty easy to take care of if it was a normal puzzle, but a sphere is not so simple. The shape is very recognizable, and that should help your brain visualize the outcome pretty easily, which helps it form a goal. The puzzle should definitely prove challenging to you and all of your friends or family members. Each puzzle piece is going to look similar, so this also creates a challenge if you are looking for patterns, but do not worry because the pattern is there if you pay attention to each piece. 

These are just some of the 3D puzzle games out there. Be sure to stick to wooden pieces to make sure the games you end up purchasing are durable. Besides, it is a great idea to purchase wood because it is biodegradable, which means you are not only getting brain-enhancing games but also purchasing games that are eco-friendly.

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