5 Things I learned doing Back Pilates | Pilates for Lower Back Pain

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Having had on and off back pain for years I was excited to try the BackAware Back Pilates program. I did not have experience with Pilates but have been given exercises by physios in the past. A few things surprised me about this Pilates for lower back pain program and help me recover from my lower back pain.

Here are 5 things I learned: 

Importance of doing the right exercises for your back pain.

I would have done a lot of different stretches for my back over the years with varying degrees of success. I never found a go-to one that could help me long term. I was pleasantly surprised by the 5-minute morning routine given in this program. You do this in the first 5 minutes after waking up and especially when I am driving in the morning it really helps set my back up for the day. 

I took their free quiz – https://backawarebelt.com/quiz and was told that most likely my back pain was due to disc irritation. This was something I had never been told before. There are a series of emails and articles then sent to you explaining how to manage this problem which I found helpful. 

The instructor (chartered physio, Dr. Eoin Everard) explained why most of the lower back pilates exercises I was given in the past could have actually made my back worse!  

Within a week of doing the 5-minute morning routine I definitely felt big improvements and it helps me manage my chronic back pain

Anyone can take this quiz (you don’t have to be part of the program) so I definitely recommend trying it out. 

Doing exercises correctly

With the BackAware Pilates program, you realise that strengthening the core and glutes is a big part to helping back pain. You do follow along videos and with the BackAware Belt you can see your position on the screen, which allows you to know when you are in a good position. 

I really liked this feedback as I never really knew if I had been doing exercises correctly in the past. Also doing follow along videos was great as I didn’t have to think about the sets or what the other exercises I was supposed to be doing. I just pressed play and followed along! 

Part of a group for accountability

Despite my best intentions in the past, I found it hard to commit to daily exercises given by my physio. In this program you are included in a WhatsApp group where you have to post up when you have done the class. 

The class is only 35 minutes long plus there is a 10-minute bonus option. (There are other options available, such as Back Friendly Gym or mobility routines but I didn’t bother with these). 

I liked the check ins and one class per week is manageable plus the 5 minutes in the morning. As I said I can struggle to stay motivated so while annoying sometimes as I have to get the class done it can really help to stay consistent. 

Better Awareness of my back day to day

One thing I really liked about the program is that I feel they try to educate you about your back pain. As I mentioned there are emails and you have weekly Q and A’s with the instructor to ask questions. Using the BackAware Belt allows you to be more aware of your posture during the day and I have found myself lifting and sitting better. 

This wasn’t just me in our group a lot of the members were saying similar things.


I am happy I am doing this “Pilates for lower back pain” program and it continues for another 8 weeks. My back pain has improved a lot (but I still feel it every now and again). I do feel my core and back are a lot stronger. Overall, with the Belt and classes, I feel it is worth the €39/ month fee. One physio or massage session costs me about €60 and I have definitely gotten more from this. There is very good variation in the classes each week, and I do feel I am on the right lines. 

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