The Benefits of Purchasing an Electric Bike

Benefits of electric bikes for adults, men and women use it for exercise and fitness

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular by the day. They’re becoming staples not only for city commuters but also for adventurous trail cyclists.

There are many types of electric bikes depending on your needs, and what’s the best e-bike fits for you whether it’s for plain travelling or wild activities, so you are guaranteed that the industry has it all available.

But switching to an e-bike from a regular bike can be a big commitment and an even bigger investment. Not only are we talking about money but also the time you’re going to spend learning and taking care of it. So, it’s pretty normal to have second thoughts about it. 

To help you clear your mind, we’ve written about the benefits of purchasing an electric bike. And we’ll make sure that you’ll have zero regrets when you get yourself one! Here are the different perks you can get only from e-bikes.

  • E-bikes provide numerous health benefits

Purchasing an e-bike also means committing to a particular lifestyle. By switching to biking as your primary mode of transportation, you can improve your health.

Primarily, cycling can help you burn calories fast. According to experts, you can burn up to 298 calories by cycling for a few 30 minutes. So, it can be an essential part of your weight management plan. If you want to lose more calories, you can extend your cycling hours to even an hour and a half! This way, your body gets pumped up, and you’re more ready to take on heavier workouts.

Additionally, cycling helps increase muscle strength and flexibility. And by muscles, we don’t just mean your quadriceps, hamstrings, and other leg muscles. We also mean cardiac muscles.

Studies suggest that cycling helps strengthen your heart. Cycling also does wonders for your cardiovascular system as it improves blood and oxygen circulation. A recent study has even found that long-term cycling can decrease blood pressure. Studies also show that cycling keeps the lungs healthy.

Sure, you can get these benefits from other activities like running. Still, cycling has an edge. We say this because, unlike running and other high-intensity workouts, cycling is considered low-impact. So, you can stay active while still protecting your joints with e-bikes.

We’ve only covered one benefit, but it’s already jam-packed with all the good news! 

  • E-bikes are very environmentally-friendly

Electric bikes are considered zero-emission vehicles. While cars, buses, and motorcycles run on fossil fuels that are then combusted and released into the atmosphere as carbon emissions, electric bikes do not.

E-bikes use batteries as an energy source, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thus, you can travel far without contributing to harmful gas emissions.

Most e-bikes now run on lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable up to 1000 times. This only means that you can use your e-bike battery for a long time before discarding or recycling it. 

So, as long as you use clean energy sources to charge these batteries, traveling with your e-bike results in zero emissions.

  • E-bikes are good transportation alternatives

Regular bikes can only get you to short distances. So, if you want to go to distant places, conventional bikes aren’t usually your first choice for transportation. You may opt to drive your car or commute. However, as we have said earlier, these transportation options often rely on fossil fuels, contributing to harmful gas emissions. 

Luckily, an electric bike solves this problem. Unlike regular bikes, electric bikes can propel you to great distances with their pedal-assist and throttle features.

The pedal-assist feature of an electric bike lets you use it as a regular bicycle but with added electric assistance and boost. While for the throttle mode, an electric bike propels like a motorbike where you can twist the throttle or push a button to move forward.

Additionally, e-bikes can easily avoid traffic. When riding an e-bike, you can dodge between big vehicles. Or you can simply stroll along the open designated bike lanes.

You can also park e-bikes almost anywhere. As long as you have a lock and chain to anchor your bike, you’ll be good to go. With e-bikes, you can also say goodbye to the hassles of finding and paying for parking spaces. They are super space-saver and incredibly convenient to use.

Just know that there are also some e-bike regulations you need to remember and follow. For example, some states and countries prohibit e-bikes with speeds more than 25 mph. To know more about the e-bike rules and regulations in your state, you can check out this article: What States Are Electric Bikes Legal?

  • E-bikes make you a versatile rider

With its ever-growing trend, e-bikes are now available in just about any type. If you live in the city, you may opt for folding e-bikes or commuter e-bikes. You can even find electric cargo bikes if you’re the type to run errands on a bike.

Some e-bikes are even built like mountain bikes, just with an added motor. So, you can take your e-bike on off-road adventures like riding through hills and mountains. By opening you to newer environments, your e-bike lets you explore new training grounds.

And since e-bikes give you extra power, you can take on more challenging routes. Your e-bike can help you face steep slopes you didn’t think you’d conquer before. 

  • E-bikes let you save up

Now, don’t get us wrong, electric bikes can cost you a lot more compared to regular bikes. However, compared to other transportation alternatives, e-bikes are on the more affordable side of the spectrum.

For one, electric bikes are cheaper than full-sized electric or internal combustion engine cars. And compared to vehicles, e-bikes require low maintenance. 

Their batteries even need less power, so you’ll spend less for charging e-bike batteries. To give you an idea, you may spend around 5-8 cents for charging an e-bike. On the other hand, you may spend at least $3 charging an electric vehicle to cover the same distance.

Fuel costs and initial costs are not the only expenses we considered. Remember, operating a vehicle means maintaining licensing and registration. You also have to pay expensive insurance premiums to protect a vehicle. And don’t forget about parking fees. With an electric bike, you can cut on all these extra expenses.


Of course, there are also disadvantages to purchasing an e-bike. However, the benefits we’ve listed above certainly outweigh these demerits. Besides, you can just work around these disadvantages. 

For example, e-bikes may be expensive initially, but they can help you save more in the long term. As for its specialized parts, manufacturers are now continuing to expand their network of authorized dealers and repair technicians.

So, when contemplating whether or not to purchase an electric bike, just remember the health, environmental, transportation, and financial benefits it can give you. And know that these benefits are not only for you but also for the other people with whom you share the road and the world.

By Trevor James

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