How To Make Your Nose Smaller

how to make your nose smaller

One of the common characteristics of Asian people is Big Nose. The standard of perfects nose is tall and thin. That’s why you should know how to make your nose smaller to get the perfect face.

You have big eyes, long black hair, light skin, etc. Uncertainty, you have a big nose or unshaped nose. It makes you feel unconfident when you communicate with people, especially with a boyfriend. I’m sure if you have a big nose, at least five times per day you will look yourself in the mirror and feel disappointed about your appearance? Have you ever try to improve your appearance? Our today’s topic might help you in this regard.

Make Your Nose Smaller through Surgery (Rhinoplasty or Nose Job)

It is the quickest choice to get a perfect nose. Of course, this option is costly. However, it is the most effective, and you also have adequate care. You need to make a discussion with the surgeon. Providing your goals, and how would you expect after surgery? The doctor exams your nose structure and ability to help you is realistic or not. If they are sure about your expectation, they will tell you exactly your process, risks and some complications you can get after the surgery such as allergic reactions, some problem related to breathing because it changes the nose structure or bruising, bleeding or even infection. When the operation has done, you need to protect your nose by a nose splint. You also can use a cold compress; it can improve the bruising.

Make Your Nose Smaller Without Surgery

Easy Nose Exercises: Some natural activities which you can do at home to make your nose smaller. Here are some typical examples.

Nose Squeezing: This method should do in the morning. It is straightforward, use two index finger on to the nose wing with a gentle force. Keep this condition for 2-3 minutes, then release finger and repeat the action. Do this exercise for 10-15 minutes. By the time, your nose will become smaller.

Nose Pushing: It used by someone who has the hook-nosed or long nose. Use your finger push the nose up gently. Repeat this action in 10-15 minutes every day. You will see the result if you do it in a period.

Nose Massage: With this exercise, you can use your finger gently along with bridge of a nose, press to make yourself feel most of comfortable. You should do at least 6 minutes for each time.

Gas was Moving in Your Mouth: The changing of mouth muscles affects of nose’s shaping. Thus, this simple exercise can help your nose become smaller and beauty. Take a sip of gas and move it around your mouth. Hold it in one side and keep it in 3-5 second and do it with another party. Some research shows that this method is beneficial to make your nose smaller.

Breathing: It is one of the best exercises to reshape your nose. Breath plays an essential role in your face and even nose shaping. Especially, inhaling has many benefits to help the nose thinner and smoothing. You find a comfortable position to sitting like a feeling when you do yoga. Use a finger press one side of nose nostril and inhaling by another snout. Keep it in 5-6 seconds and move on to press opposite nostril. Exhaling by the first nostril which you do before. Repeat this action sometimes and do it every day.

Make Your Nose Smaller With Natural Remedies

It is strange, but it also has useful results if you patient do it. You can apply ice or ginger to make the nose smaller. Ginger combined with water until it becomes a paste mixture. Apply this mixture to two sides of the nose. Keep it in about 45 minutes and rinse it again. However, ginger contains the high level of antioxidant which can cause some sedation reactions. Your skin could be rash and red. Stop using it and clean it with cold water. Ginger can make you hot and another symptom. You can use essential oils replace it. Essential oils which make up for the natural ingredient is the best choice for you. It is used to reduce the fatty of the body. You choose any essential oil you like and apply this in the area of the nose. Leave it in 15 minutes or more and clean again. You can do it every day to get the result as soon as possible. The second remedies for the nose are Ice. Covering some ices by the clean towel. Apply this in your nose in 10 minutes. Ice can make the vessel contracted and tighten pore. It helps the nose looks smaller and smooth.

Ginger May Be A Helpful Home Remedy

A burning question in everybody’s mind that does ginger make your nose smaller and we have a really simple answer here that it is helpful to make your big nose small.

Yoga Could also be Helpful in Small Nose

People often doubtful about yoga when it comes to reshaping the nose and asked questions like “how to get a smaller nose with yoga exercises” but here we want to debunk every myth about yoga wonders. Some Yoga exercises can also be helpful in making the big nose smaller.

Here are some yoga exercises like Anuloma Vilom, Pranayama which could be very useful in shaping your skin, facial features and also yoga might be helpful in making your nose small and reshape it better with simple at-home exercises. You must do these yoga exercises for the nose under the supervision of a trained yoga guru or yoga trainer.

Shape Your Nose with Rubber Band

A popular nose-shaping technique is to use a thin metal wire and a rubber band to gently pull the skin of your nose upwards as you sleep. This will pull your nose up and out, so that it appears narrower than before.

Makeup Could also Done the Trick

Makeup is one most popular method to get the nose smaller. It was quite easy to perform it. You need to prepare a powder or highlight cream. After filling makeup base cream, the liquid foundation starts to make up for the face. Use a dark highlight on a thin line along the sides of the nose and then spread to two sides of the nose. Continue to use bright highlights to create prominent T areas along the bridge of the nose and forehead. Finally, apply powder spread over the face to make it look natural. Makeup is the useful and practical method. But it takes a lot of time and short effect. On the other hand, cosmetic just a temporary arrangement of women.

Some tips to prevent your nose bigger: Limited use your hand to squeeze ance in your nose. It can make the pore larger and leave scars in your nose. Do not touch your hand in your nose too much. Use a suitable method to remove the ance, especially the blackhead.

In general, plastic surgery is the last choice which we encourage you. Although it has fasted result, it contains many risks and complications. If your nose does not affect too much to your work and appearance, you do not use surgery, and you entirely can apply natural methods. How to make your nose smaller is a common question of women. We showed you some ways to improve your nose shaping. Hope you find here knowledgable, handy and useful beauty tips.



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