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dance fitness with Jessica

Everyone wants to be and needs to be fit. Our society encourages it, and when you pass the weight society assigned us, they let us know in many ways. While you should never let what others think, you should stay fit for these reasons:

  • You feel better
  • You can do the things you like to do more and for a longer period of time
  • It increases your energy
  • Your self-confidence goes ups
  • Every part of your body functions as it should

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Reasons not to Get Fit

Over the years, we have probably heard every reason why people who were clearly in need of a fitness program. We will share a few with you.

I don’t have time for that!

  • The average time of a dance class is one hour, plus maybe 15 minutes for warm up and cool off. You usually go 2-3 times per week.
  • It is too expensive!
  • For one week, add up the price of your sack food, and eating out. Then add in the price of your doctor’s visits. Most people who carry extra weight have back pain, leg and knee pain, headaches, and gastric problems. If you are too stubborn to go to the doctor, what do you pay for over the counter medications to make you comfortable?

(This is my favorite, and I hear it often.)

Don’t you want to be around to be with your family and watch your grand kids grow up?

  • “They don’t care about me. They only come around when they want something, I am gonna get rid of everything own but my rocking chair, and I am kicking it the fire on my way out!”

Though it may seem selfish of you when your family doesn’t visit. You may wonder why they can’t find a couple of hours a week to come and enjoy your sunny disposition. But one thing that happens often, when people get active, they are physically rewarded. Depression leaves as our brain chemicals are released into our body.

Dance is for All Ages

Young children are enrolled in dance for many reasons. Many of the reasons kids are in dance, mimic the reasons adults do. It is a fun social activity. It makes them feel good. It grows their self-confidence and compared to other sports it is less expensive.


Dance floors are expensive and the condition of them must be perfect. That is why only quality dancing shoes are allowed on the floor. There are several types of dancing shoes, and there are several types of dance. You can take a look at Jessica’s Youtube Channel – “Dance with Jessica” and decide which dance form is best for you.

Many dance studios allow adults to “drop in” they may drop in and try many different types of dance before you decide where you want to sign up for.  Explain that to the pros at Just For Kix and they will help you select the right shoe for now. If you fall in love with your sport and take it to the next level too, you may go to a different shoe.

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You are off the couch, and doing something that is fun and burns a lot of calories. Dance is affecting your body in many good ways, your muscle mass is growing and turns the calorie burning to high.

You have probably been told your whole life, what is good for you and what is not. So let me make this as simple as possible. Nature did not give us a food that is bad for you.

(Okay, she did give us a few plants that can be dried and sniffed or smoked, that are bad for you. But she didn’t grow cigarette papers or strips of foil we came up with those great ideas. It’s sort of like dealing with children. Did you ever think you would ever have to warn your kids not to eat the laundry detergent?)

When you are living a healthy life, moving around, and taking care of yourself, ever food has a reason. Carbs are not bad, they just burn fast, When your slow-burning protein was used up and your body need carbs for a quick pick me up. Protein is something that keeps you body fueled slowly and continuously. Even fats are needed in small amounts. Everything has a reason, you simply must learn your body. Identify the signals it is sending you, and cooperate with it. This is easier than you think. You just need to pay attention to what messages you are getting.

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You must drink water. Not tea, soda, coffee, or wine. Though, you can have those in moderation, your body needs water to allow your organs to function and to flush out things that are not needed.

Tip: Hot water makes your stomach expand. Say you drink hot water with a few essential oils for your health. Within 10 minutes your stomach is expanded and you would be able to eat much more.

If you drink a glass of ice water 15 minutes before you eat (drink it as fast as you can) your stomach will contract. That means you will be able to eat much less food and be satisfied. If you follow up with another glass of ice water one hour after your meal you will feel full for hours.

So there you have it. Get out there and get active. Eat foods that make you feel better, and you will be a happier and healthier person.

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