5 Health Benefits of Using Essential Oils

health benefits of using essential oils

Essential oils have become a huge trend in the last several years. It seems like every single person has a different essential oil that can cure your headache or help you sleep. Some of it seems too good to be true. 

To be fair, essential oils have been used all over the world for thousands of years. It is hardly a new wave cure that just started and will go away quickly. They have also genuinely helped a lot of people.

It can be hard to tell what essential oils can really do and what some people are exaggerating. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using essential oils in your daily life. Because they aren’t exactly medicine, but they are very helpful and well tested through the ages.

1. Healing Skin

It is worth noting that some essential oils do have actual healing benefits. The aboriginal people in Australia used tea tree oil as a natural healing agent. It does actually work to heal some skin problems and wounds. 

Tea tree oil is a natural way to get rid of acne. It does not work for every single person who uses it, but it is effective for most people. Tea tree oil is also used by many athletes to get rid of their athlete’s foot. It also smells nice so it takes away some of the foot smell.

One of the best uses for tea tree oil is to take the itch and swelling out of insect bites. It might help keep the bugs away, but if you are bitten it is a godsend. Tea tree oil genuinely can make a bug bite heal quicker and keep it from itching.

2. Internal Problems

This is a little bit odd, but peppermint oil can help you with digestion issues. There are even studies that suggest peppermint oil relieves some of the problems that IBS causes. A natural way to help people with IBS feel a little bit of relief is absolutely amazing.

Ylang-ylang can also be used to aid with internal problems. Ylang-ylang is often used to settle the stomach. It also can get rid of headaches and is really fun to say.

There have even been studies that suggest a combination of thyme and oregano essential oils can help put colitis into remission. Many of the studies being done into essential oils are new and still being worked out, but they are yielding promising results. If essential oils can put colitis into remission they might be able to do a lot more we don’t know about yet. 

3. Anxiety

There are so many essential oils that are supposed to be calming. The amount of people who have found certain oils very relaxing is pretty amazing. It might not cure your anxiety but it is a very natural way of helping yourself to calm down.

One of the most popular anxiety-reducing oils in lavender oil. Rose, chamomile, and jasmine oils have also been found to be effective at reducing anxiety. Admittedly, it might just be because they all have a very nice, relaxing smell.

The results of testing to see if essential oils actually relieve anxiety have swung wildly to both sides of the spectrum. There are people who swear that essential oils relieved their stress and anxiety and studies that back them up. There are also studies that suggest the opposite, but you won’t know until you try for yourself. 

4. Headaches

One of the most often touted benefits of essential oils is their effect on headaches. There have been many times throughout history that oils were used to relieve the pain of headaches and migraines. There is absolutely proof that essential oils can ease the pain of a headache. 

There have been studies on the effect of essential oils on headaches since at least the nineties. More recent studies say that the traditional Persian healing method of mixing chamomille and sesame oil absolutely can help reduce head pain. There still needs to be some testing to say if oils can absolutely cure headaches, but the current studies are pointing to the positive.

Being able to inhale a nice scent or run a bit of oil on your temples is much preferred to taking pills by most people. The studies for essential oils fixing headaches is some of the most conclusive, and it doesn’t hurt to try it out. If you can fix a headache with come lavender oil then why would you waste money of pills?

5. Antibacterial

The studies for this one are still in progress so make sure you buy an actual antibacterial cream just in case. There are oils that are in the works of being proven as antibacterial agents. They are also being used in cancer studies to see if they are any use in kills cancer cells.

One of the oils that are being suggested as something to heal you is clove oil. Clove oil is being used as an antiseptic and for oral curing oral infections. There are people who are having very good results with this oil.

Eucalyptus oil is also being used to heal staph infections. It has been found to be a strong antibacterial and antiviral agent. It is a very impressive oil, but you should talk to a doctor before using it as an antibacterial agent just in case. 

Probably the most touted healing agent in the essential oils community is frankincense. For good reason. Frankincense is actually being tested in the fight against cancer. Some people are suggesting it is one of the most powerful healing agents in the world, and as more studies are done they might be proven correct. 

To Conclude

Essential oils have become popular because they work. They might not be the miracle cure for every illness as some people like to suggest, but they can certainly be used for a lot. Essential oils are worth giving a shot.

Not every oil is going to work the same for every person. Essential oils might be natural, but they are also very concentrated and powerful so it is best to talk to a doctor before using them and being aware of any side effects they may cause. Essential oils are powerful enough that you should not mess around with them on your skin without diluting them and talking to a doctor.

There are many studies being done to see if there are more things essential oils can do for humanity in the medical field. As more studies come out suggesting essential oils can be, at the very least, helpful they become more popular. Essential oils are worth a shot if you would prefer a more natural cure to your ailments. 

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