6 Incredible Benefits of Dry Needling Treatment

benefits of dry needling

Dry needling therapy is an effective treatment that involves the insertion of a thin needle into tight muscles or trigger points of the body. Many people experiencing severe musculoskeletal pain, low back pain, neck pain, dysfunction, muscle tightness, and injuries benefit from dry needling treatment. The main benefit of dry needling therapy is, it helps in restoring muscle function and enhanced tissue healing. Dry needling therapy is also referred to as IMS or intramuscular stimulation. In this procedure, solid thin needles are used just like an acupuncture treatment. 

Experienced physiotherapists diagnose the area of pain and insert the thin needle slowly into the muscle and skin to openly mark taut knots of muscle. These are also called trigger points that refer to and cause pain all over the body. Some people think that the therapist is injecting medicines into the body. But in reality, no medicine will be injected. It is a 100% painless procedure. 

Benefits of Dry Needling Treatment:

Relieve Muscle Tightness and Pain

Dry needling is considered a very effective treatment since it helps in relieving pain in particular parts of the body through the trigger points. For instance, if you are suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain, the physiotherapists would detect trigger points and insert needles into those points. After insertion, the needles release inflammation, tension, pressure and chemicals in the muscles. As a result, you can experience immediate pain relief and enhanced range of motion.

Reduced Pain and Releases Neurotransmitters

Another excellent benefit of dry needling therapy is, it activates your body to discharge opiate peptides such as beta-endorphins, dynorphins, and enkephalins.

Speeds Up Recovery

The recovery process is the longest and worst part whenever you suffer from an injury. Certain injuries take a long recovery time than others. But most people will be anxious to stand back to normal status. Patients undergoing dry needling treatment experience fast pain relief along with an enhanced range of motion. It is one of the major advantages of taking dry needling therapy. The healing time is fast when compared to other procedures.

Treats Chronic Pain

It helps in relieving various kinds of pain be it chronic and acute. Dry needling treatment is used as an important treatment plan to manage medical conditions such as sciatica, golf/tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and more. 

Improvement in Range of Motion

Individuals who are undergoing dry needling therapy experience improvement in range of motion. They can feel the differences when they move after dry needle treatment. The improved movement is mainly due to the treatment as it releases trigger points, and reduces pain and increases blood flow. 

Improve Blood Circulation

Tight muscles cause severe pain and spread to other parts of the body. The trigger points are determined and released using thin acupuncture needles. When the muscles are relaxed, it results in improved blood flow. 

To conclude, dry needling therapy is similar to the reset button for muscles. The physiotherapists determine trigger points or knots and use dry needling to get back the muscles to normal length.

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