Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying a Mountain Bike

How to Buy Mountain Bike or MTB For Adventure Sports

Adventure sports help people to get an immense thrill during their weekend which not only alleviates their mood but also helps them to stay in great shape. Around the world, people love to be a part of various adventure sports viz. hiking, rafting, skiing, Deep Ocean diving etc. If you are passionate about such sporting activities then you can try mountain biking. For this, you can purchase the best mountain bike after doing thorough research. Adventure Sports bikes or Mountain bikes are known for their rugged build which will help you to ride them on various treacherous terrains with ease.

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Some important things to consider while making a purchase:


Mountain bicycles come in a wide range of gearing options which will improve your overall performance and help you to get more enthralling experience during the sporting activity.

If you ride on steep slopes then you should go for a bike which contains more gears. This feature will help you to climb on the slope with ease. One thing which you should also keep in mind is the weight of the bicycle, it is directly proportional to the number of gears the bike has.


MTBs are made up of aluminium, steel, carbon fibre and titanium. This feature provides extra life to the bicycle and it makes it impeccably rust proof. If you are on a strict budget then it is advised to go for an aluminium framed bicycle as they are cost economic and have a great life span. Frames build-up of titanium are for rugged use but you have to spend a considerable amount of money on it.

On the other hand, frames which are crafted out of stainless steel are very heavy thus they can face difficulty during your performance if you buy them. Carbon fibre frames are also expensive because they require a large amount of manual labour during the processing.

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Brakes are the most important part of the mountain bike. You are expected to buy bicycles which are equipped with genuine disc brakes as they help to slowly decrease the speed of the bike while coming down a slope.

Disc brakes are also very important for wet terrains and they provide ease to your fingers. If you are short on budget then go for rim brakes, they are easy to deploy and you can easily inspect for their wear and tear. This helps you to take necessary actions in advance.


The suspension is too great; you can easily ride on every other rough terrain without feeling jerks on your forearms or on the back. Bikes are equipped with the fork and rear suspensions which are known to reduce physical injuries during a sporting event.

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Wheel and tyres

Mountain bicycles are dynamically designed. This feature will help you to ride in complete comfort during a sporting event. You can acquire a wide range of wheel sizes ranging from 24 inches to 29 inches. If you want to have great traction along with momentum then it is advised to go for 29 inched wheels.

If you want to gift a bicycle to your young kid then it is advised to go for 24 inched wheels as it will help them to ride the bike with comfort. Furthermore, tyres of Mountain Bike provide great traction, this feature will help you to ride them with ease and they do not skid on a steep slope. You can also consider buying an electric bike because it is also environment friendly.

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