Challenges and Tips When the Second Child Is Coming

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So, baby number two is coming – another endearing moment and another blessing to cherish bestowed upon your lovely family. Most of the time having a second pregnancy really is a happiness and love beyond measure as you expect another baby into your life but it can be also challenging, to both you and your husband and of course, your firstborn.

Factors like the additional expense like formal education or private tutor, more time in food preparation and anything for that matter, also the amount of attention you’re giving to your first child, jealousy, and so on, can contribute to the possible challenges or problems you may face during your second pregnancy.

There are many silver linings that you should take note in order to face these troubles a parent, in this article, let’s tackle each one of them.

Four Common Challenges and Tips When the Second Child Is Coming



Problem #1: You’re firstborn will become jealous and seeks more attention from you

Jealousy is the most common problem that you will face during your second pregnancy. Once the firstborn’s little sister or brother comes into your life, they will typically crave for more attention. For example, if you’re second child wants a new toy, your first child will most likely want that same teddy bear too–so you ended up buying two toys just to make them both happy.

The thing is, parenting is a lifelong lesson a child jealousy to her sibling is just temporary and a positive influence from the parent does give a lifelong future relationship with them, show love and care to both and they would grow up loving and understanding each other’s, it only as good as how you project and it will definitely reflect on them.

Problem #2: Child’s behavior and getting them out the door

As a parent, you struggle with keeping your child to behave in public places like the mall, movie theatres, or park –imagining those usually, are terrifying and gets you stressed right?

Which is why you should always have a backup plan, and that includes having snacks and drinks for tantrums, two sizes of diapers in case of last-minute diaper explosions, and a pair of clothes for two before planning a public travel or any trip.

Like they say, practice makes perfect and having a second child can be challenging for both parents but at least you know have an idea how to handle a little soul by this time, but having the second one would need sometime for you and your first born a coping time, which is why you need to extend more patience in adjusting and never give up on trying to influence them to be good and nice especially when behaving in public, if you are to think about investing for the kid’s education.

Hiring a private tutor helps as sometimes doing this on your own certainly would be impossible as you would need to be bound parenting the smaller one.

Problem #3: More and more sleepless nights

One common problem or trouble that every parent is facing in those sleepless nights – some are lucky to get their kids sleep at night and some are not. Having two little angels can be a blessing and a problem, why? Mainly it’s because all those around-the-clock feedings will definitely suck the life out of you.

Remember, all those sleep-deprived days or sleepless nights won’t be there forever mainly because both of your kids will grow and eventually go to school and mature as the process of growing up takes place. But while they are still babies it really helps to catch up sleep especially if you breastfeed at night to have a group nap together usually lunch time. This really powers you up through the day.

Problem #4: The Left-alone child or third-wheel syndrome

Both of your first and second children needs to come out and play with other kids and interact with the world around us. Having guilt and anxiety during the second pregnancy is normal and a question like– how would the firstborn feel about having a little brother or sister?

Can sometimes come out of your mind as a parent? In order to get both of them as close as possible and more specifically giggling together, you should always give them a time to interact with each other and play with their newly discovered friends because that’s the greatest enjoyment in every child’s life.


Raising two children requires double duty, challenging, double supervision, attention, and affections –and can definitely suck all the energy out of you but, that’s parenting.

You will feel positive and absolutely worth it with all those efforts you have given to your little ones and at the end of the day, having children is the most important stage in building a family and everyone’s life. And think about this, your kids will remember whatever effort, love and care you gave to them when they are still under your guidance and will always be thankful for you from that.

You always have to enjoy them as they are now, you see, growing up such a fast process those little babies will never be there in your bed forever… They will grow up and have their own families too later on, so parenting in a positive way does mold them to be a better person. And one day they would experience this same process you are having now.




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