How Can You Encourage Your Kids To Follow An Active Lifestyle? 

active lifestyle for kids

Everyone is well aware of the fact that being physically active is important to our health, but with our jammed pack schedules, it can be hard to make the time. The same is the case with children, there are increasing demands at schools, they have homework, extracurricular activities, a lack of active role models, and then the temptations of television and video and computer games, and if they have their own phone or iPod or iPad, they have easy access to not only movies, and games, but also to the internet and social media. 

Additionally, a feeling among some kids that they aren’t good at sports and restrictions of parents for going out with other kids are also some of the reasons for the inactivity of children. Experts say that you should encourage your kids to have at least 60 minutes of activity a day to grow strong bones and muscles, build endurance, and maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, physical activity promotes the growth and development of kids. Here are some of the most effective ways to encourage your kids to be more active:

Some benefits of turning your kid into an active soul: 

Regular physical activity saves them from gaining weight and some chronic health problems. An active lifestyle will help them burn some extra calories that they have intaken. Also, it maintains blood sugar levels which are vital for children who have or are at risk for diabetes. Physical activity helps your kids make bones and muscles strong. The children become able to build strength and endurance. Talking about the mental challenges, exercise relieves stress and helps with focus and sleeping habits. Moreover, workout boosts self-esteem by helping children feel confident about their bodies and appearance.

What motivates kids for exercise and other physical activities?

Educate them about the importance of an active lifestyle:

For healthy lifestyles, children need to be educated about why they should do a regular physical activity of some sort. Tell them what benefits they will have if they live an active life. And warn them about the consequences of a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Also, the teacher in their schools should enlighten them about the importance of the physical activity. 

Find a funfilled appropriate physical activity: 

Help your child find a sport that is suitable for his age and is enjoyable too. The more he enjoys the physical activity, the more likely he will continue it while trying to master. Get the entire family involved. It is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your family. Also, the exercise you choose should develop the muscles and bones of your children. It must also help in making them strong and powerful.

Be an active role model:

Children have this nature of imitating their parents. Their parents are the role models for them in everything. Present yourself as an active role model for them. Try to do the physical activity in your workout shorts that your kids enjoy, so when they see that you are enjoying time being active, they will be more likely to model your behavior. Additionally, participate in some physical activity with your kids. They will enjoy it even more and work hard to win over you. This is one of the best ways to encourage children for an active lifestyle. 

Do not overdo it: 

Teach your children not to push themselves more than their bodies allow because doing so can hurt them. Also, if this occurs, advise your kid to do a less vigorous activity. Whatever the physical activity they are doing, don’t allow them to overdo that because it may take them away from an active lifestyle. Moreover, if your child’s weight drops below an average, acceptable level, or if exercise starts to interfere with school or other activities, talk with your child’s doctor.

Get them involved in household chores:

Children love to work with their parents and encouraging them to participate in active outdoor chores such as gardening, sweeping the walks, or cleaning the garage will be a good way to give them an active lifestyle. Furthermore, try to make these chores feel fun with upbeat music and be sure to join in to get them done as a family.

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