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essentials for your body

How To Compensate For Essentials Your Body Makes Less Of As You Age

If you’re over the age of 40 — perhaps even over 30 — it will come as no surprise to hear your body starts to change, and not for the better. While bones become more brittle, the skin begins to lose elasticity. Joints start to stiffen, and nails begin to weaken. Whatever colds and flues are going around seem a little easier to catch, a little more severe, and a little harder to shake.

Graphic created by Celera.

These bodily breakdowns, which for many of us start gradually and almost unnoticeably, pick up steam as we enter our 50s and 60s and beyond. It’s the normal aging process at work and is partly a function of our body’s waning ability to naturally produce essential compounds and vitamins. The infographic below, Essentials Your Body Produces Less of as You Age, and What You Can Do, describes this situation as it applies to six crucial substances that affect our ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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