5 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

beauty tips for women

Every single woman has her own beauty hacks, and beauty tips which help her look and feel better. Most women love to share their beauty secrets, while some keep them to themselves.

Fortunately for you, today we’re sharing!

In this article, you will probably find something new to add to your list of beauty hacks, and can easily add it to your beauty “piggy bank.”

1. Use Conditioner Before Shampoo

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

but it is a beauty tips use by many fitness models.

Most women would never consider using conditioner before shampoo, but it is a true beauty hack!

Using conditioner before shampoo is a recommendation that mostly fits girls with long and/or oily hair. If your hair is naturally dry and short, this is not as necessary of a tip for you.

Why should you start to do it?

Using conditioner before you use shampoo helps your hair stay clean longer because you already hydrated your hair enough with conditioner.

Simply wash the unnecessary “extra” conditioner out with shampoo, and enjoy shiny, clean hair longer!

You will see the difference after the first use, which is a big plus!

After a few weeks of using this trick, you will have women all-over asking you what your secret is!

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2. Use a Natural Hair Rinse

You don’t have to run over to drug stores or pharmacies around you, simply go to your kitchen and make a natural hair rinse for yourself!

  • The most common and simplest option for a natural hair rinse is to mix about 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with about one liter of water.
  • Another option for a natural hair rinse is to soak rice into water for an hour (periodically mix it), then separate the rice and water and let the water stay in a warm and dark place for 24 hours. Don’t forget to cover your creating! Avoid using plastic materials as well.
  • If you want to use the rice water immediately – soak rice into hot, just-boiled water for an hour (periodically mixing them together). After you have done this, simply separate them and use.

The best option is to ferment rice water for 24 hours.  Using fermented rice water as a hair rinse makes your hair incredibly soft, shiny, more voluminous, and thicker than ever before!

How do you use your natural hair rinse?

Simply rinse your hair with your homemade hair rinse after you washed your hair, including scalp and the full length of your hair! Do NOT rinse it with water after!

This hair rinse should be the last stem of your hair wash! Refrigerate the rest of your rice water (if there is any left) and use when needed. it will add a spark in your look and  is an another wonderful and simple beauty tips.

3. Homemade Facial Toners

Making a homemade facial toner is a cheap but effective tip!

You can use rice water or fermented rice water (If you don’t know what it is and how to make it, you did not read the 2nd section) as a facial toner! Asian beauty divas have used rice water for centuries!

Rice water will make a huge difference in the appearance of your facial skin when used as a facial toner, but you better keep it refrigerated if you want to see maximum results!

The same concept goes for flax water as well. Keep your flax water refrigerated, and you can use it as a facial toner when needed. After using this facial toner, you will enjoy healthy, glowing skin.

Don’t know where to find flax water? Make it in the kitchen!

  • Simply pour hot boiled water on about one tablespoon of flaxseed (ground flaxseed will work as well) and let it rest for about an hour. After this, separate the water and the flaxseed. It is a simple but effective process!

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4. Use Rose Water

Using rose water is one of the easiest beauty tricks in existence!

In the United States, rose water is commonly pricey.

However, you can buy a rose water concentrate which will provide you rose water for years! Simply add a few drops of rose water concentrate into your water, and you have effective rose water!

Rose water is one of the best universal beauty products.

Effective beauty uses of rose water include:

  • Add to your hair rinse
  • Use as a toner
  • Use as a facial or body mist
  • Use as a fragrance

There are certainly many other options, but these are some of the most common.

Rose water does work, and you don’t need to spend time to prepare it or refrigerate it at all.

You can often find rose water or rose water concentrate in the essential or aroma oils section.

5. Body Scrubs

Use natural body scrubs every single day, and you will not recognize your own skin!

For silky skin, it is not necessary to buy expensive skincare products.

  • As a base, you can use sea salt, sugar, or ground coffee
  • Add to the base your favorite aroma oils, such as peppermint, rose, or eucalyptus
  • Next, add some of your favorite oils. Commonly used oils are olive, coconut, argan, castor oil, etc. You can also mix a few of these.

Using natural body scrubs is incredibly simple. After you have made (or bought) your body scrub, rub your scrub into your body.

If you want to get the most effectiveness out of this, use your scrub on your DRY body and then wash it away!

After scrubbing, you will fell your skin hydrated and a little bit oily. Not only will this improve the quality of your skin, but it will save you time since you don’t need to add a moisturizer or any hydration to your skin after using.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more unique beauty tips, Anna Targoniy is an excellent influencer to follow.

Many women have beauty secrets that work, but it is much more fun when they are shared with everyone! Not only can these tips help improve your hair and skin, but they are cost-effective and natural as well.

Unlike many synthetic or unnatural products that are commonly sold, natural beauty treatments will help your hair and skin appear to be healthy for years to come!

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