How Much Surrogacy Cost You Should Give to Your Doctor?

surrogacy cost

All surrogacy programs, including surrogacy combined with egg and sperm donation and commercial surrogacy, are legal in India and most of the clinics in Kolkata have the primary goal of helping surrogate mothers and biological parents find one another.

They will assist you in finding the correct information including surrogacy cost in Kolkata as well as other information about one of the most controversial and sensitive areas of family law.

The surrogacy laws in India are some of the most favorable in the world and they completely support an individual’s reproductive rights.

It is one of the few places that will allow international surrogacy while having legislation in place that makes it very advantageous for everyone to pursue surrogacy there.

The legislation in India states that the surrogate mother is not allowed to keep the baby after birth, that along with the surrogacy cost in Kolkata makes it a very attractive option for intended parents.

They have several guidelines in place including that the potential surrogate should be between the ages of 20 to 40 years old, she must be somatically and mentally healthy, she must not have any relation to the intended parents and she must have at least one healthy child of her own, while her marital status has no relevance at all.

There must be a written contract, or consent, in place between all parties (the surrogate and the potential parents).

The surrogacy cost in Kolkata is another deciding factor for many people that are seeking surrogacy as a means to become parents.

The average cost is approximately 50 to 60% less expensive in Kolkata, India than in the United States; it is also said that the availability of young surrogate mothers is greater in Kolkata than any other places.

It is believed that the legislators in India choose to adopt a more logical approach to surrogacy when compared to most other countries.

They have decided to allow the intended parents to carry on a surrogacy program and have their names on the child’s birth certificate when the baby is born as a result of being in the surrogacy program from the beginning.

The child is considered as legally “belonging” to the intended parents from the moment of conception so that the surrogate cannot keep the baby after birth.

The surrogacy cost in Kolkata can even be considered as a donation.

The medical cost of surrogacy in Kolkata

Medical costs of surrogacy In Kolkata covers all the surrogacy arrangement in Kolkata. Expense categories include:

Fertility Clinic Costs

Fertility treatments for a surrogacy arrangement can run up to Rs 8-9 lakh per cycle/transfer and sometimes more in Kolkata. Some of the various cost factors of fertility treatments include:

  • Fertility clinic costs for surrogacy
  • Medical Screening of Intended Parent(s);
  • Medical screening of surrogate candidates;
  • Medical screening of egg donors (if needed);
  • Medical screening of Intended Parents;
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF);
  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET).

Health Insurance

Medical insurance for the surrogate is critical. If a surrogate has medical insurance, it is imperative that an experienced insurance broker with specialization in surrogacy assess the surrogate’s policy to determine whether there are surrogacy exclusions or other potential pitfalls such as self-funded employer programs.

If a surrogate’s health insurance plan is not going to cover her prenatal and delivery or if she does not have health insurance, then there are two options: Insurance through the open exchange under the Affordable Care Act. If insurance coverage is not available through the Affordable Care Act, there are complications policies available.

This is a more costly option than securing insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Pre Natal Care and Delivery

Insurance will cover most of these expenses but there will still be some expense that is not covered such as insurance deductibles and copays.

If you have a complications policy in place then you need to negotiate self-pay costs with the medical surrogacy center in Kolkata.

Psychological Assessment

Related to medical costs are the costs of psychological counseling of the Intended Parents and counseling and assessment of surrogate in Kolkata.

Surrogacy clinics in Kolkata will require this be done prior to proceeding with the medical process

Some Costs Might Be Offset by Intended Parents’ Insurance

Many Intended Parents do not realize that some of the medical costs of the IVF process may be covered by their insurance. In fact, Kolkata has mandated that insurance cover some costs of infertility.

Why select Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata for your infertility treatment

Surrogacy is a method where a surrogate holds embryo of another couple who are infertile.

A surrogate carries embryo in her uterus until the completion of nine months of the pregnancy. Once a feminine partner is unable to hold a baby just because of her internal reproductive organ issue (uterus), or another reason, or have recurrent miscarriages, failure of IVF or any other fertility treatments, etc, then the couple should get on the choice of Surrogacy.

Surrogacy clinic in Kolkata offers all the sort of Surrogacy strategies. Surrogacy in Kolkata is achieved by numerous ways like- Surrogacy with the meant feminine eggs, Surrogacy with donor eggs, Surrogacy with frozen embryos and Surrogacy with donor eggs and sperms.

Surrogate Hospital in Kolkata is well-known for its high success rate and always be in demand to decipher infertility disorder. It has all the advanced and high-ultra technology, separate labs for the treatments, completely hygienic compartments and veteran surgeons, doctors, and the consultation guide team.

Who can choose Surrogacy?

  • Repeated Miscarriages
  • Hysterectomy (where the uterus is removed from the female’s internal part due to a medical issue of it)
  • Absent of womb in feminine or impaired womb
  • Surrogacy is fruitful for those ladies who are damn busy in her life, and can’t take the risk of being preg
  • Pelvic Disorder
  • Unsuccessful results of IVF/ICSI or the other fertility treatment.
  • Thin mucosa
  • Abnormalities in womb
  • Gay couple

Steps to pick out Surrogates in Kolkata

Certain strict rules and regulations have to undergo the woman who wants to become a surrogate in Kolkata, some of them are

  • Age of the surrogate should be in between 20-40
  • Must have had born to a minimum of one kid
  • Should have good temperament and physically match
  • If any history of infertility issue found, will not be accepted as a surrogate mother
  • Mustn’t have any miscarriage (in previous pregnancies)
  • Supportive family
  • Must have signed the whole written document
  • Surrogate should avoid drinking alcohol, smoking habit, chewing tobacco, etc.
  • Must have gone through all the screening tests
  • Must have cleared all background documentation and legal method etc.

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