Tips on What Do You Do for a Back Spasm

back spasm

A massage is said to relieve the spasm in muscles, regulate the blood flow, dilate the capillaries and set the muscles free from spasm or cramps. Now, it might happen in certain scenarios that the massage itself is causing the spasm; the reason for this is, possibly, untrained, novice massage therapist, hence contact mobile massage therapist for better results with massage therapy. Along with this, there might be other underlying causes for the spasms.

 What causes muscle spasms?

  • Chronic pain

It usually occurs because of accidental injuries, incorrect posture or a medical procedure such as surgery on muscles. In most cases, the pain subsides in a considerable amount of time. However, if this pain persists for more than 6 months, it becomes chronic. It can happen even when the underlying cause has been treated. The pain then reaches to the nervous system and takes a longer time to heal. Such pain doesn’t get relief from superficial massage and needs medical intervention to treat the same.

  • Anatomical anomaly

Few individuals have issues with spinal structure, which cannot be seen with the naked eye and hence cannot be identified by non-medical personal. The Spinal cord becomes arched instead of its normal straight structure. It causes pain in the backbone but it is mostly confused with normal back pain and people usually apply ointments, go for massage sessions etc. However, none of these help in this case and make it worse as the main cause is often ignored. If any spasms last more than few weeks, proper medical consultation should be taken. In a few cases, there might be a need for surgery to make the spinal cord return to its original form.

  • Muscle Injury

At times, muscles are contracted, stiffened and left with very limited blood flow. Unless and until it is diagnosed with a proper therapist, it is hardly discovered. Injury restricts the muscle movement, restricted movement makes it stiffer and, in the end, it becomes a vicious circle. If a couple of massage sitting is not helpful in any spasm and is increasing the cramp, then there might be some other remedies required. The injured muscles need to be dilated, probably with the help of a physiotherapist which will increase blood flow to the injured part. Physiotherapists, at times, use ultrasound techniques to treat the injury; it may take from a couple of sittings to months together depending on the extent of injury caused.

  • Weak back muscle

Weak back muscles need not be because of accidents, it can be simply somebody’s anatomy and such individuals are more prone to spasms than others, as strong muscles provide support to the backbone and prevent injuries. Weak muscles might not be capable of taking massage pressures; hence the spasms become worse with every session. There can be more causes to this such as carrying heavy bags or uneven weight for a longer time. It gradually will make the muscles weaker.

  • Dehydration OR mineral deficiency

It is the most important yet most ignored fact. Drinking less water might lead to many diseases and muscle spasm is one of them. Dehydration makes your muscle deficient of certain minerals and electrolytes which can cause contracted muscles. Massage might not have help in this regard and supplements should be taken.

However, the health care provider’s consultation is required before taking any medication. A magnesium supplement is the most likely to cure it. In addition to this, proper exercise, with an experienced trainer’s supervision might help loosen the tight tissue and relieve the pain.

 Remedies for back spasms

  • Hot bag treatment

It is the most commonly used household remedy. The best thing about this remedy is there is no fancy equipment required. Hot water bags are easily available at medical stores and can be effectively used in treating back spasms. However, if not available, any bottle (preferable plastic) can be used as a hot water bag. All that is needed is a means to heat water. There is one more solution provided by technology these days, an electric heating pad, this needs to be heated for 8 to 10 minutes and can be used it up to 2 hours.

  • Back Massage

Back massage reduces anxiety, pain, and discomfort; rejuvenates the muscle and strengthen the muscle. Strong muscle will become the lifeline for better movement and fewer spasms in the future. The only key is to contact a professional therapist instead of going to any neighborhood SPA salon. Contact mobile massage therapist in case of less knowledge of good salons in the nearby locality.

  • Maintain proper posture

Maintaining proper posture is of utmost importance for every person. Because this can lead to numerous problems, including back spasms, leg pain, neck spasms, etc. This is especially important for professionals with computer jobs. They hardly get time to go around and physical workout. Sitting continuously in front of computers without exercising in intervals will make the muscles stiff and hence can cause spasms. Multiple websites are explaining correct postures for sitting, standing, walking, etc. Following them religiously will help one reduce the occurrence of spasms.

  • Intake of water and balanced diet

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that an average man and woman should take at least 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters of fluid every day respectively. Along with this, if a balanced diet is taken regularly, comprising of the correct amount of Carbohydrate, protein, fat and fibers, then it will be very less likely to get any kind of spasms.

  • Exercise

The physical workout should be made mandatory for every individual. It should be an integral part of our life. Exercise is as important for our body as is eating, sleeping and washroom visits. A famous quote about exercise is, “Workout is not a hobby, and it’s a lifestyle”. Individuals who follow this lifestyle will keep all the health issues away from them.

To conclude, not every back spasm can be treated with massage; there might be other underlying cause and the treatment should be accordingly. To make sure you need to hire a good massage therapist like home therapy.

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