The Common Symptoms of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cancer

carcinoma cancer

There’s no denying the fact that carcinoma cancer is one of the deadliest diseases across the globe, which claims the lives of millions of people every year. Even with the massive evolution of technology and scientific research, many people die as a result of delayed diagnosis or when their bodies don’t have enough strength to cater to several issues.

This feature will shed light on nasopharyngeal carcinoma cancer, which is popular in the US.  However, it also occurs in many parts of Southeast Asia as well. This form of cancer is chanted as one of its kind because it is hard to detect it early.

This is because the nasopharynx is hard to even examine. If you sift through the case histories of different patients, you will be shocked to know that most of them had a delayed diagnosis, which affected their health to a great extent.

How is it Treated?

For your information, the treatment for this form of cancer is inclusive of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Sometimes, the combination of the two is also chosen if the condition of the patient goes from bad to worse.

For this to happen, you need to work with your doctor to determine the right approach. So for instance, if the cancer is detected at an early stage, you could be provided treatment with one of the two options.

However, if the situation has gotten worse, you will have to consider embracing a diverse treatment.

The Symptoms of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cancer

As explained earlier, it is hard to identify this form of cancer because it has fewer to no symptoms. Unless the patient doesn’t take the nasopharyngeal cancer blood test service, they cannot know whether or not they have this form of cancer. Here, we will explain a few of the popular symptoms of this form of cancer:

A Lump in Your Neck

If you have a swollen lymph node in your neck, it will make it hard for you to talk comfortably.

Bloody Discharge

If you get a bloody discharge from your nose once in a while, it is fine. However, if you experience frequent bloody discharge from your nose, it means that you need to check with a doctor ASAP.

Hearing Loss

One of the first symptoms of carcinoma cancer is hearing loss. Bear in mind, if you feel difficulty in hearing, it will be hard for you to interact with everyone around you. If you are suffering from hearing loss then this article may help you to get your hearing back.

Blood in Your Saliva

This could be the result of a gum infection as well, so you need to check with a doctor to confirm that it is the result of carcinoma.


Headaches are the result of many issues in the body. However, when you have carcinoma cancer, you will experience headaches like never before.

Headaches can cause a big toll on your health if you leave them unattended for a long time. Go through Take2 Health if you want to know more about getting rid of this disease as soon as possible.

 Sore Throat

This is the most common symptom that is experienced by people who are down with carcinoma. A sore throat will make it difficult for you to eat and talk properly.

Many people will also experience acute pain in the throat due to this, which is why it becomes essential to check with a doctor as soon as possible.

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 Ringing In Your Ears

Do you experience ringing in your ears? Keep in mind, it is not the result of water going inside while taking a bath but rather due to a medical issue that needs immediate attention.

Sometimes it may lead to dangerous complication such as Carcinoma Cancer. One must avoid these complications by taking care of its precautions.


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