Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

home remedies for asthma

Bronchial Asthma is a very difficult inflammatory disease of the airways. It is constantly accompanied by the hyperreactivity of the bronchi, which is manifested by paroxysms of bronchial obstruction. They can be either complete or reversible. Bronchial asthma shows itself by attacks of suffocation or respiratory discomfort in the form ofparoxysmal cough and wheezing and dyspnea, which can lead to serious circumstances.

Bronchial Asthma is a chronic disease. There are two forms of bronchial asthma – immune and non-immune, developing in several variants: atopic, infectious-allergic, autoimmune, dyshormonal, neuropsychic and others. In the development of bronchial asthma, external and internal factors play a huge role. External factors are allergens, infection (viruses, fungi, certain bacterial species), chemical and mechanical irritants, meteorological factors, stress and physical overload. Allergy to dust is the most common form. Internal factors include defects in the immune and endocrine systems, a violation of the sensitivity and reactivity of the bronchi that may be hereditary, and others.

During an asthma attack, the patient breathes, like a person doing hard work. This disease belongs to the hard ones and, if it develops in the elderly, can lead to death. The disease is characterized by periodic seizures. The cause of it can be either in the vessels of the lung, or in the lung tissue itself or the pulmonary tube. In some cases, asthma can develop in case of too small chest, which does not contain the right amount of air. Often asthma is complicated by pneumonia.

If the cause of asthma is the accumulation of fluids in the respiratory tube itself, then at the beginning of inspiration, the patient suffers from a shortness of breath accompanied by coughing, wheezing, a feeling of heaviness and expectoration of sputum. If the fluid accumulates due to catarrh, then asthma begins suddenly. If the cause of the disease lies in the accumulation of fluid in the vessels, then the patient has an uneven heartbeat and irregular heartbeats. When an asthma occurs due to dryness, the patient complains of thirst and does not have phlegm.

After the asthmatic seizure, irritation begins in the respiratory tract of the mucosa and it can be blocked with the onset of suffocation.

Treating asthma with home remedies helps not only to stop the attack of asthma, but also to cure this disease with prolonged use of prescriptions. You can see a recent researched on Asthma here.

Approximately 10-20% of the world’s population is affected by this unpleasant disease. There are no age restrictions for it, as the disease affects both adults and children. When asthma only develops in its first stages, the disease proceeds in a mild form, it is difficult to recognize, therefore those who are ill do not go to the hospital.

In the airways, most often in the bronchi comes a spasm during an asthmatic attack. Because of spasms, a person suffers from a painful cough, feels tight in the chest, and breathing becomes difficult and wheezing. At night, the manifestation of such symptoms is particularly severe.

Home Remedies for Ashtma

  • To stop the attack, take a ripe banana, heat it on a small fire of a gas stove, and then sprinkle with ground black pepper and immediately eat. You can be sure that after the banana it will be much easier for you to breathe. The pain in the chest subsides until it disappears completely, and asphyxiation also stops. However, this method is good only to prevent an asthmatic attack, but it is not an excellent treatment.
  • The following home method of treatment of bronchial asthma can also help well from bronchitis and colds. To start treating asthma with home remedies, you need to prepare such an infusion: you need to put in the thermos clean pine green cones, a bit of pine resin and pour half a liter of hot milk. Infusion should be stirred and infused for 4 hours. As a means of infusion, it is filtered through gauze, folded 3 times. If the cones are washed, they can be used 2 more times. In the morning and in the evening take a glass of the prepared infusion. To obtain an effective result, the drug should be taken during 4-8 weeks. After a while after the end of treatment, the course can be repeated.
  • In home medicine, there is one good prescription that treats all kinds of asthmatic seizures. If after the application the seizures have passed, then it suits you. To prepare the remedy, one must take an old rhizome of turmeric and grind it into powder. Then one tablespoon of this powder is mixed with two tablespoons of honey, and the whole portion is eaten immediately. Preferably, honey, like turmeric, is also old. Thanks to this remedy, asthma attacks stop. There are no side effects from this medication and it can be taken once a day even in the absence of seizures. Use this remedy for asthma and you will not regret it.
  • The use of hydrogen peroxide is also enormous. This universal remedy is also suitable for the treatment of asthma. Every morning half an hour before meals you need to take 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide, diluted in a half-glass of water. In addition, in the evening you should eat 1 spoon of badger’s fat with a teaspoon of honey.
  • Jerusalem artichoke also works well for asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis. To make an infusion out of it, you need to take 2 tablespoons of grated Jerusalem artichoke and put it in a glass with boiling water. This infusion should be taken a quarter of a glass 3-4 times a day.
  • Honey is the most effective way to control asthma. To do this, you just need to bring to the bow a container of honey and inhale its fragrance. If this method does not work, then add two teaspoons of honey in a glass of milk and repeat the procedure. You will have a restful sleep when you apply this remedy before going to bed.
  • It is advisable not to throw out onion husks. Applying a decoction of it throughout the year, you can get rid of even chronic form asthma. To do this, throw a little husks in boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. The broth should turn yellowish color, if it turned out brown, then it is diluted with water. Drink in any quantity instead of water or tea.

We hope that these asthma home remedies will help you to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

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