Health & Safety Benefits Of First Aid CPR Training & AED Certification

First Aid CPR Training and AED Certification

What is First Aid CPR Training?

First Aid is essential to saves life. It is important to get valid and study-based knowledge from an authorized institution. In Malaysia, the awareness is still at a low peak.

As a part of the community, one must have the awareness of First Aid CPR Training in order to do for ourselves or to help others in an accident.

Mortality rates will be reduced and the general health of the population will be improved if the focus on safety strategies in emergency and public awareness expands. Layperson had poor awareness regarding first aid and was average in awareness regarding fire safety before the training.

However, their awareness regarding both first aid and fire safety was significantly increased after been exposed to First Aid course.

First Aider Dealing With The Whole Situation

First aider will deal with the whole situation including the injured person and the injury or illness when providing first aid.

The one that separates between life and death between temporary and permanent disability and between rapid recovery and long hospitalization is depending on the first aider knowledge and skill on first aid.

Hence, having awareness on first aid among our community is essential so that they may help their own or any others in the society.

The survival of the patient long enough till experienced medical help arrives is sufficient for survival was ensured by the knowledge of BLS and practice of simple CPR techniques from the first aider.

First Aider is Able to Resuscitate a Victim Effectively

In order to strengthen interest, motivation, and the ability to provide first aid skills, first-aid education should begin early.

Another study suggested that lifesaving first aid (LSFA) skills, including Basic Life Support (BLS) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), should have been learned by all fit laypersons above the age of ten years and teaching first aid should be compulsory.

In Malaysia, there are few providers that provide this kind of training. One that years by years had trained hundred thousand of people is CERT Academy.

First Aider Must Be Properly Trained to Provide Safety

Why it is important to get trained? This is likely to get a profound and correct technique on how to do first aid. Certification of first aid also important to convince bystanders that we have been trained to do that hence gained their trust and consent (from family members)

To attend a proper course with experienced trainers is vital to ensure, two-way communications been given and participant will theoretically and practically have learned the knowledge.

The hands-on technique also must be applied to make sure, first aiders gain the realistic method on how to do it in real life. Despite massive knowledge info that can be gained from the internet, it is still relevant for first aid to be taught in person.

This is because an experienced trainer can directly correct any mistakes during the learning process.

In Addition, with CPR, availability of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

CPR with AED, provides a life-saving chance. AED is nowadays most likely to available in public in some developing country such as Japan & the United States. In Malaysia, the knowledge about AED is too low which most of the people do not know what is AED.

Thus, to include teaching on the usage of AED in training course will surely expand the knowledge of this automated defibrillator. The survival rate of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) patient can be increased up to 70% if AED available nearby.

A place that becomes an attraction of visitors such as shopping mall nowadays can be seen that AED is there. Usually, this kind of place have their own trained first aider or responder, but other people also play the same important role in providing medical help and saving a life.

To sum this up, First Aid, CPR Training Malaysia & AED Training is essential and everyone should have at least basic knowledge of it to prepare the worst thing that can happen anytime anywhere.

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