Five Cities that Health Nuts Can Go Nuts About

five cities health nuts can go nuts

Across the U.S., people are committing more than ever to a healthy lifestyle. They are looking at what they eat, and they are looking at how to be active. Cities across the country are trying to promote healthier lifestyles, too. Broken down below are the top five cities in the U.S. for health nuts.

1. Tampa, FL

Nestled next to the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay and connected to the Gulf of Mexico is Tampa. The Sunshine State is known as a haven for anyone looking to enjoy an active lifestyle. Tampa stands out among Florida’s cities.

Tampa has incredible bike paths, walking trails and running trails. Amazing temperatures make water recreation a big draw. Amazing local and state parks abound, and Tampa has all kinds of eateries and specialty businesses that promote good health.

2. Washington, DC

Washington, DC is known for more than arguing politicians. This diverse community has all kinds of great, exotic eateries that are good for the soul and spirit. Washington, DC’s international community provides an array of non-traditional therapeutic treatments.

Health nuts have no hard time finding ways to exercise and stay fit in this extremely walk-able city. Residents can be seen throughout the city on foot. There are also amazing nature trails on the edges of town and ample green space and waterways in and near town.

3. Denver, CO

Because of Denver’s position below the Rocky Mountains, Denver residents enjoy sunshine about 80 percent of the year. Residents hit the parks and trails around the city for running and hiking. During the winter, residents can be on the ski and snowboarding slopes within an hour! Extreme sports like rock climbing and canyoning are enjoyed, too.

Denver has been viewed as ahead of the curve, when it comes to cities offering healthy eating choices. The Mile High City also has great reviews for how accessible non-traditional and alternative care are for its residents.

4. Portland, OR

Situated within the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon has so much to offer to health nuts. The area is jam packed with available outdoor activities. Residents find no shortage of healthy eating options, either. The city is loaded with all kinds of great options that take healthy lifestyles to a whole new level.

The Columbia River and nearby Pacific Ocean offer endless healthy lifestyle options. Portland has for years ranked high, not just in the U.S. but globally, for the healthy lifestyle it promotes based on the fact that so many people there bike around town. The city is also well known for its amenities.

5. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is indeed a West Coast gem. The city has so many great attributes. Among them are the city’s natural offerings for those committed to staying active and healthy. Residents can flock to any of the 15 beaches in Los Angeles for all kinds of healthy activities. Surfing, swimming, rowing and paddleboarding are all popular activities.

Residents enjoy the amazing food and self-care options found throughout the community. The city has been on the leading edge of promoting alternative approaches to personal care and healthcare. Los Angeles local movers stay busy moving people into those vibrant sought after communities along the coast, but the city has healthy living communities in the hills and canyons too.

Any of the five cities above are great for health nuts. There are other amazing cities across the country that have much to offer, but the five cities mentioned above go above and beyond in making their community an ideal spot for health-conscious people.

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