How To Cleanse Parasites in the Best Possible Way?

cleanse parasites

People often think that parasites are something they need to worry about only if they travel abroad.  But as per stats published by the Disease Control department in the United States up to 60 million people in America are infected and most of them are not aware of it. These parasites not only feed on all the nutrition but can cause many illnesses. If untreated it can lead to serious illnesses.

People opt for medications to get rid of these parasites, but there are alternative treatments like the parasite cleanse. These not only kill the parasites but have no harmful chemicals. But before you learn about the cleanse, knowing about the parasites and its symptoms is essential.

An Insight about Parasites?

Parasites are tiny organisms that live on or in their hosts. They feed off their hosts for their survival depriving them of the nutrition and leaving them fatigued. There are many parasites that show no signs or symptoms of their existence while there are others that can cause illnesses. Infections happen when these parasites live, grow, reproduce and finally invade one or more organs in the body making it sick. They also disrupt the microbiome in your body and affect all aspects of your health. Some of the parasitic infections commonly found in people are:


Infections from parasites happen mostly when you consume food or water that is contaminated. People who are traveling abroad are also at a higher risk of exposure. Depending on the type of parasite that is present in the body symptoms will manifest, but some of the common symptoms are:

  • Stomach pain and cramps
  • Nausea, vomiting, gas, upset stomach, constipation and diarrhea
  • Fatigue and Dehydration
  • Fever or flu-like feeling
  • Weight loss
  • Aches, pains, and swollen lymph nodes
  • Itching, irritation, rashes, and redness

Parasitic Cleanse as a Treatment

A blood and a stool test will help you determine if you have an infection and also the type of parasite that is causing the symptoms. While some of the infections go away on their own when you have a healthy immune system, there are others that need treatment. Medications are a common option, but many like to treat it using natural remedies that cleanse the body of the parasites. 

Parasite cleanse is one such option. It is considered as any supplement or detox product used to kill parasites without the use of any medications. This post from Microbe Formulas explains the many benefits of doing a natural parasite cleanse. Moreover, even if you do not have a parasite it does not cause any harm as they have no side effects. Listed below are some steps to get rid of them from your system.

The Anti-parasite Diet

The first step in removing the parasites from your body is to take away sugar. That will ensure the food supply to it is cut off. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, alcohol, carbs and grains. When the food they like is stopped they no longer feed on them and stop multiplying. The body can then flush out the parasites.

Consume Anti-parasitic food

The easiest way to make the anti-parasitic diet effective is to include antiparasitic foods. They are:

  • Onions and garlic: They have antifungal and antibacterial properties that can eliminate the parasites. Garlic is also a probiotic and hence feeds your microbiome aiding in producing more healthy bacteria. It also helps in restoring the balance to the gut. 
  • Fermented food: Another way to restore gut balance is by consuming probiotic fermented foods like miso, kefir, and sauerkraut. Kombucha should not be consumed as the sugar in it will become food for the parasites
  • Vegetables: Cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are some vegetables that can eliminate parasites while nourishing the body. Adding apple cider vinegar to it will regulate the pH balance as the parasites make it acidic. 
  • Herbs and spices: thyme, clove, ginger, cinnamon, oregano are some of the herbs and spices that have antibacterial properties and hence potent against parasites.
  • Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are also effective in getting rid of many types of parasites.

Consume the above-mentioned food with no sugar, no carb diet where you are cutting off food that these parasites feed on while nourishing your body.  

Herbal Foods for Cleansing the Parasites

The lifestyle of the parasite has many stages and among them, there is a dormant stage. So when you are on a cleansing diet, you should go on and off so that all of them are cleared. It also gives time for the eggs to hatch and then be cleared by another round of antiparasitic food supplements. These herbal foods which have potent parasitic killing properties are

  • Black Walnut
  • Oregano oil
  • Papaya seeds
  • Grapefruit Seeds
  • Olive leaf
  • Wormwood 

Take Care of Your Liver: 

The antiparasitic herbs that you consume releases a lot of toxins which gets accumulated in the liver. Moreover, when you do a strict diet of no carbs, no sugar and no alcohol for the rest of the body and tissues also start to detox. To overcome that problem one should consume plenty of water. That will aid in flushing out the toxins. 

Apart from water, you can also make a drink with water, apple cider vinegar, lemon, food-grade diatomaceous earth, and grapefruit seed extract. This drink can be had on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Are They effective?

Studies show that some natural supplements like wormwood, grape seed extract, etc act similar to medications. It reduced the levels of parasites especially tapeworms and can be as effective as the usual medicines. 

Parasitic cleanses are useful for people with or without infections as these cleansing programs are all about having a healthy diet. Switching to a no sugar, no processed foods, whole food diets with supportive herbs aids in improving digestive health. When you switch to this healthy diet you will see a positive effect on your body. If you are still worried about parasitic infections it is best to see a doctor.   

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