Marijuana Edibles Can Help You Manage Anxiety

Marijuana Edibles Can Help You Manage Anxiety

Here in the still-early years of the 21st Century, psychiatrist-diagnosed anxiety disorders are on the rise. Whether that’s because increased study of and focus on mental health issues has made it easier for doctors to spot specific diagnosable disorders, or because there’s a lot more anxiety-inducing stuff going on in the world, is still up for grabs. But the fact that record numbers of people suffering from anxiety and depression are not.

Another thing that’s on the rise, perhaps coincidentally: legal cannabis. Some states, like California, have legalized pot for both medicinal and recreational use; others, like Pennsylvania and New York, make it available with a doctor’s orders. What’s more, statistics show that most users of legal cannabis are using it medicinally rather than simply to have a good time. 

That means there’s very likely a lot more people smoking weed for medical issues than in the past – even moreso than pre-legalization scholars might have guessed. That’s in part because both THC and CBD – the active ingredients in cannabis – address anxiety and depression really, really well. In moderate doses, many strains of weed can provide calm without fatigue and energy without the jitters. 

As you probably know, though, cannabis isn’t the same as it was when you were younger. In the old days of pot, your only real choice was to smoke it or inhale it to feel its effects. Sure, sometimes someone made brownies, but that was much more of a chore than just stuffing a bowl or rolling a joint. Thus, older folks looking to allay their mental health issues with medical cannabis might reasonably be afraid of damaging their lungs with marijuana smoke.

It’s not an unreasonable fear. While cannabis isn’t as damaging to your lungs as tobacco – especially the additive-laden tobacco that’s in most cigarettes – you’re still quite literally inhaling smoke! But edible cannabis has come a long way: With the near-total relaxation of marijuana laws in states like California, Colorado and Washington, it’s become possible to get marijuana edibles for sale from a variety of online sources. 

As the cannabis industry grows – and it will certainly continue growing as more states legalize – edibles will see greater innovation. Right now, here’s what you can get:

Baked Goods. You can do this yourself at home, by mixing finely ground cannabis flower with your baking flour. Cookies, brownies and other pastries are also available at many dispensaries.

Gummies and Chocolates. These are probably the most widely used marijuana edibles for sale in most places. Brands like Kiva and Jelly make candies that are as delicious as they are relaxing and uplifting. 

Oils. Cannabis enthusiasts can use CBD and hemp oil in vape devices – but that’s not what this refers to. You can purchase cannabis-infused cooking oil in some dispensaries, or make your own at home. Butter, too!

Other Cool Stuff. Industry growth means we’ll see edibles take more varied forms as time goes on. Brands like Arizona Iced Tea and Molson Coors Brewing have announced they’ll be experimenting with new products. And California brewer Lagunitas has introduced a cannabis-infused beer.

Cannabis edibles are an easy (and tasty) way to help boost your mood and unburden yourself of persistent worries. And they’re an effective way to introduce THC and CBD into your system without impacting your lung health.

(As always: If you feel you’re someone who’s suffering from anxiety or depression, the best first step is to talk with your doctor, who can help you decide on the best approach – which could absolutely include cannabis, but also regular therapy sessions, antidepressants, or other mental-health tactics.)

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