5 Tips from Fit Moms on Finding Time for Exercise

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Although it is one of the most rewarding jobs a woman could have, being a mom can be quite overwhelming sometimes. From household chores and daily tasks to grocery shopping and child-rearing, moms often have too much on their plate. Because of this, exercising is probably the last thing on their minds, as it’s seemingly impossible to be squeezed into an already packed schedule.

Surely, many moms can relate to this, and if you can, too – don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Take a look at these five tips from fit moms on how to make time for exercise as a busy mama (and actually make this habit stick!).

Find the exercises that work for you

Not everyone is the same, and while some people may enjoy certain exercises, others don’t, and that’s okay. Everyone has something they enjoy doing, and the more you enjoy participating in an activity, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Whether it is dancing, yoga, lifting, or simply walking around the neighborhood listening to your favorite podcast, find something that works for you. If you enjoy different activities, you can also mix them up. Reserve some days for more vigorous activities (such as dancing two or three times a week), and then spend other days doing something less strenuous. After a while, it will become a habit and come naturally to you.

Take supplements before your workout

Most individuals who exercise will rely on some kind of supplements to support their athletic performance. Designed to provide you with energy and give you the much-needed boost, ultimate pre-workout supplements help increase your physical performance in order for you to get the most of your workout routine.

Other than being powerful energy boosters, these supplements also act as alternate sources of energy that are used during the workout. That way, instead of consuming the muscles you’ve worked so hard on, your body will resort to these alternate sources to get its energy, fuel your performance and boost your results, whether you’re looking to prolong endurance, improve your stamina, or simply need some extra energy to power through an extensive workout routine.

Work with your child’s schedule

Regardless of your pre-baby fitness level, once your child is born, your new role of a mom requires you to put your child before everything else. That means you have to be creative and work your day around their schedule to make the most of the time you have for yourself.

A good way to approach this is to think about your child’s sleeping schedule. Try to put them to sleep at the same time each night for a couple of weeks. Once your child is used to it and they’re asleep, you can take some time for yourself and exercise in peace. This consistency will also help you stay committed to your workout routine, which is a big plus.

Involve your kids in your workout routine

Another great tip for staying fit while on a tight schedule is to involve your kids in your workout routine whenever possible. Although it’s great to work around their schedule, sometimes it’s just not doable, which is when you need to improvise and make sure you get your daily workout in any way you can.

Sometimes, this will mean going for a run with a jogging stroller. Other times, it will mean heading out to meet your workout group and bringing your kids with you. And sometimes, it will mean incorporating your kids into your workout and doing all the exercises such as push-ups, planks, and sit-ups together with them.

Change your mindset

Once you become a mom, it is easy to start putting your family’s needs first and putting yourself on a back burner. However, to be able to look your best, you have to change your mindset before everything else.

You need to realize that making time for yourself isn’t selfish. You also need to believe that you are worthy enough to invest your time and energy in yourself and not just others. If you want to see real changes, start believing in yourself and your worthiness, and understand that no one can make you happy other than yourself. Once your thoughts and your actions become more positive, success will follow.


Making time for regular exercises may seem impossible when you have kids. Your entire day is centered around them and when the sun goes down, all you want to do is crash on the couch and call it a day. Although lack of time and motivation can pose barriers to fitness, with thorough planning, organizing, and the right mindset, being a fit mom is very much achievable.

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