What is Americano Coffee? 5 Things to Know About Americano Coffee


Are you from those people that get confused by having a look at the menu boards in coffee shops? If, yes then you are not the only one.

There are lots of different varieties of coffee drink that are available which makes you difficult to choose by their names and we end up having the same one that we regularly have.

So, ever ordered an Americano Coffee to taste something different and to know what it really is? Then this article will help you to know about Americano. I know you all are crazy to know about it let’s know together.

Americano Coffee

There are a lot of coffee options available to choose from. The Americano coffee tends to stand out among the different coffee and it has absolutely no milk added in it.

The Americano coffee is never served with any of the dairy or dairy products unless and until it is specifically told to do so. To make it simple it is just a shot of espresso topped with the hot water.

Americano coffee is basically an espresso coffee. The name Americano has a direct connection with the American’s those were behind the invention of the drink. It is believed that the name Americano has its origin from World War II when the American soldiers in Italy were behind the preparation of this drink as they used to make it by diluting the espresso with hot water to replicate the coffee they used to drink back at home.

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What is the Difference Between Regular Coffee and Americano?

While the regular coffee and the Americano coffee may look the same and are made up of the same ingredients that espresso is made of, the main difference between both of them is the way it is prepared or put together.

Regular drip coffee is prepared by letting hot water drip through the ground or brewed by just adding some grains directly to the pot with hot boiling water. Coffee beans or the roasted coffee beans from the base of the coffee.

An Americano coffee is made by just adding hot water to the espresso until it matches with the strength of a regular coffee. Regular coffee is typically brewed for a longer time with more amount of water.

The difference in the temperature of the water used, brew time, grind method, etc. results in the difference in the flavours. The Americano coffee usually tastes richer in flavour depending upon the level of bean roasting. While the drip coffee has a lighter and subtle flavour.

A fine grind is used for espresso and a medium-coarse grind is used in the case regular drip coffee. In general, the drip coffee has higher caffeine content than the Americanos. A regular drip coffee generally has caffeine in the range between 95 and 200 mg while Americano has caffeine around 94 to 150 mg.

What is in Americano Coffee at Starbucks?

It is just a simple drink that is served with care. The baristas in Starbucks pour two espresso shots and hot water is added over the top of it so as to produce a light layer of crema. This makes a wonderfully rich cup of drink.

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How Do You Make an Americano at Home?

Here are some easy steps to prepare Americano in your home kitchen:

  • You need two main things to make an Americano coffee, an espresso machine and hot water.
  • As per your espresso-based drinks, you can adjust the espresso content the way you like as each and every person prefers the different taste. Some prefer strong and some prefer a milder and lighter version of the coffee.
  • So, we first take an equal amount of espresso and water. If you prefer a lighter one then just double the amount of water added.

Step by Step Guide Preparation of Americano Coffee at Home:

  1. Take your coffee mug and just pre-heat the mug by adding some water and then keep it boiling in the microwave. Pull a 3 ounce of espresso shot into a separate cup.
  2. Now pour 3 ounces of hot water i.e the same as the amount of espresso into the glass you plan to drink from.
  3. You can use the microwave to heat the water. Now, just pour the water into the espresso shot.
  4. Like any of the other espresso drink, you can tweak the proportions of the ingredients to make the taste and the style you want. You can also add some sugar, honey, and cinnamon as per your preference to add some flavor to it.

This is the best way an Americano is made. So you can try it to feel fresh and active in the morning.

Health Benefits of Americano Coffee

  • It boosts the performance of the antioxidants in your body which is used in the process of cleaning the bad substances from your body.
  • It eases the digestion by breaking down your foods into smaller parts and speeds up the digestive process.
  • Drinking Americano coffee helps you to burn out your calories and reduce your weight.
  • It boosts the nervous system and makes you alert, fresh and energized to perform your tasks.
  • It is found that drinking Americano coffee helps to reduce the risk of type II diabetes. It fights diabetes by improving insulin production.
  • It keeps your heart in a good and healthy condition by lowering down the chances of inflammation. It also prevents you from causing cancer as it fights against the bad cells and cancer-causing agents.

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Key Notes on Coffee Making:

  • Choose a good quality of the coffee.
  • Try to drink Americano coffee without any sugar, cream and other toppings to gain maximum benefit.
  • People with caffeine-problem, sleeping disorder, and pregnant women should avoid taking it.
  • You should take the coffee in a limit as it contains caffeine in it. If caffeine overdose occurs it can cause problems like nervousness, restlessness, muscle contractions, etc.

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