Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Debunked 

weight loss myths

With modern lifestyle and eating habits, weight loss has become one of the most discussed health issues among all age groups. There are various myths that have been perceived as weight loss facts and the result is the wrong weight loss journey altogether. The idea of healthy weight loss is all about feeling good and energetic throughout the journey. You must feel fit at the end of your weight loss program and that can only be achieved if you get your facts right! 

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Here are the most common weight loss beliefs that are actually myths!

  • Count Your Calories 

This may sound correct and logical but won’t offer you the right results. This is because calories differ in nature. A calorie is basically the energy content of any food however, there are many other things that decide how these calories will work for you. There is a huge difference in the metabolism pathway taken by these calories. Certain calories are termed as empty calories as they are pure calories without benefits. Similarly, calories can be fat calories, carb calories, and also protein calories that all differ in their metabolism pathway. Consumption of protein calories can help your metabolism for good, whereas fat calories can add to your weight. Hence, it is not just about counting calories but about balancing your calories well. 

  • Cut Your Diet 

This seems to be the easiest road to success when it comes to weight loss. Eating less with little increase in physical work can lead to quicker weight loss. This again is correct as far as the solo target is to achieve weight loss and not to maintain it. This method of weight loss is not sustainable and hence it would take back to the original weight or even worse. Eating right is more important here than to eat less. A balanced diet can lead you to steady and sustained weight loss. 

  • Fat Means Unfit

Mostly people consider being fat to be unfit and hence get ready to use dangerous methods to lose weight. Obesity may increase the risk to develop various health conditions, but shedding off this weight by using dangerous weight loss methods may increase this risk even more. In order to get healthier, it is important to reduce fat from certain problem areas. Having more fat on your abdominal area has more chances to lead you to a metabolic disorder. Fitness is not always the result of weight loss; it is the result of controlled weight loss from target areas. 

  • Supplements Are Harmful 

Weight loss supplements are being offered under various brand names. These supplements are believed to be having appetite suppressing properties that may harm the regular functioning of the body. However, not all supplements may have similar contents and similar effects on your body. There are certain supplements that may work indirectly towards your weight loss goal by increasing your metabolism. Certain supplement having curcumin, garlic, green coffee bean extracts, green tea extracts, and other such natural contents may also aid weight loss while keeping your energy levels up. These supplements are available from various manufactures. Supplements are bad only when they contain artificial ingredients, hence look for natural supplements and enjoy healthy weight loss. 

  • Go Low on Carbs 

Carbs are part of the human diet since ages. People have been eating various forms of carbohydrates since centuries but still keeping fit. The obesity issue started only when the food habits of humans changed and their activity levels went down. Carbs are the prime source of energy. They are not bad if taken as a part of a balanced diet. Whole grains also have carbohydrates but they are not fattening due to the presence of other key components like fibre and protein. At the same time, carbs present in refined foods are fattening due to absence of other key components. It’s all about making the right choices and not about eliminating certain elements from your diet.

Next time you think of weight loss, make sure that you use only the safe methods that are supported by research and facts. Only the healthy weight loss will give you sustainable results with increased energy and fitness, hence take only the correct path to success. 

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