Is Dental Treatment Safe During Pregnancy? Let’s Find Out Truth

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of women. It’s a harbinger of hope, joy and unbound excitement. So, naturally, the level of care is greater during the period to ensure smooth arrival of the baby. To some, it’s also a phase when lots of doubt surface seeking answers and asking caution on the part of pregnant ladies.

Whether or not a burning question comes in the mind of every pregnant women dealing with dental problems that is dental treatment safe during pregnancy, it is something that you must know to approach the most wonderful phase in life with aplomb. The answer is YES! There is no risk whatsoever in undergoing dental work when you’re pregnant. But then, the better your oral health during pregnancy the healthier you baby will be.

When you’re pregnant, you have to keep up with daily oral hygiene, monitor changes in the mouth and have the dentist’s number of your dial list for quick consultation. You can visit a dental office to discuss the changes you experience during pregnancy and also for seeking right way to care your teeth and gums.

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Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy comes with its own share of challenges to deal with. You have to be careful especially at oral front because hormone levels change in those period.

Some of dental problems you might experience during pregnancy may include –

  • Your mouth will be more prone to plaque and bacteria due to changing hormone levels.
  • The hormonal changes will be the reason behind tender gums when you’re pregnant.
  • The risk for tooth decay and gum disease is greater for women expecting child.
  • Your brushing and flossing may leave you with swollen, tender or bleeding gums in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Tooth decay and gingivitis are common among pregnant women because the body in this period is not able to fight off plaque as easily.
  • Brushing and flossing can help counter plaque build up which is quite common during pregnancy.
  • Expecting ladies can get plaque removed or get treatment for stopping plaque buildup without worrying about any risk whatsoever.
  • Using an antimicrobial mouthwash will not harm in any way when you do the same for keeping away plaque any time.
  • Women with untreated gingivitis are more likely to be struck by periodontal disease as pregnancy can further aggravate this problem.
  • Pregnancy tumors on the gums are quite common which is non-cancerous in nature and can go away when the baby is born.

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Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it becomes even more important to take care of your dental health. Else, the risk for dental problems will be greater than what it is. You are supposed to follow these advice –

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, and use only a toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Brush gently as your gums may be swollen and it’s better if you use soft-bristled brush to avoid bleeding.
  • Don’t forget flossing a day else the swollen and tender gums you have during pregnancy might pose bigger oral health problems over time.
  • Go for regular dental check-up and cleaning as this can help you in-tune with the changes in mouth during the period.
  • Plaque growth is common among pregnant ladies and it’s always advisable to go for antimicrobial mouthwash to stop the problem.
  • Use baking soda mixed with water to stop acids from harming your teeth and leading to decay, or also to get rid of morning sickness.
  • Your gums will be healthy only when your diet gets regular supply of calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B12.
  • Make a smart food choice during pregnancy as only this can ensure a healthy baby.
  • Include more of fruits, whole-grain products, vegetables and dairy items in your diet and avoid sugar-rich items for better oral health during any period.
  • Drink plenty of water through the day and it’d be great if you drink it after every meals and snacks.

Things to Keep in Mind During Pregnancy

  • Dental treatment is safe during pregnancy and you needn’t bother a bit about that.
  • You can get dental treatment done any time during pregnancy without any worry.
  • However, the period between weeks 14 through 20 is perhaps the best time to get done elective dental treatment during pregnancy.
  • Dental treatment during second trimester carries less risk of side effects than on other period.
  • Immediate treatment should be sought for oral pain or swelling without waiting for the right period during pregnancy.
  • It’s important to let the dentist know any prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs you are taking so that right type of medicine can be prescribed for you.
  • You should never worry about the safety of the numbing medications or anesthetic or anesthesia used by your dentist during the procedure as it will always be safe for you, and your baby.
  • And getting an x-ray will be safe during pregnancy
  • You can always consult a top oral surgeon queens if there is problem so that it does not aggravate


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