Less is More – Tips for a Simple Makeup Styles

tips for simple makeup styles

Be it in graphic design, interior decoration, user interface, and many other areas of the communication world, the saying “less is more” has been one of the most popular trends of the last couple of years. Not only did it take companies and brands by surprise, but it has stayed with us, changing the way we perceive beauty. So it’s not surprising that a lot of makeup experts around the world started using it in their work, showing that a bit of touching can go a really long way in accentuating the more natural features of a woman’s face.

And let’s be honest, if you ask the majority of guys, overly done makeup can be a bit of a deal-breaker, mainly because it hides the natural beauty of a woman, as well as showing she might not be that much comfortable in her own body. Now, most guys will also tell you that no makeup is the best way to go on about it, but that’s not true either, because their perception of no makeup isn’t a real one, as the majority of them don’t really realize the small and simple details of touching and retouching that we women do. That’s why when they say: “You’re looking good with no makeup!”, in reality, we’ve spent almost 30 minutes looking at our makeup mirror and working on those fine details they don’t even realize.

That’s exactly what we’re here to talk about – simple and easy makeup routines that can accentuate your natural features, without looking like a completely different person! But first, let’s explain why “Less is more” makes so much sense in this world.

Why Less is More

Over The Top Makeup Makes You Look Older

If you’re a teenager this might look like a positive aspect, but for all women, it’s not! Even though it might make you feel like a more confident person, in reality, over the top makeup will always make you seem a bit old and outdated. Not to mention the fact that putting so many chemicals on your face will give you wrinkles and other skin complications much sooner you would expect!

You’re Masking Yourself

It’s like online dating. I’m sure if you have gone through that experience you know what I’m talking about – the profile pic never matches the real person’s look. Now imagine going out, with loads of makeup on you, you met a guy and you both get it on. The next morning, imagine his surprise when he finds a completely different girl next to him! Even though you’re more than welcome to express yourself creatively, through your clothes and style, you should also show your true self, at any time.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

The sooner you embrace that you look like that, and that’s life, the sooner you’ll realize the world has a lot of hidden beauty, that you once considered “ugly”, just because it doesn’t look like what you see in magazines’ covers. Trust us, when you start going through your makeup routine with the thought, what should I accentuate, and not what should I hide, the result will be 10x better.

Simple Tips for Simple Looks

Now that we’ve hopefully convinced you with the theoretic argument, let’s jump into the practical part!

Less Foundation? Yes!

Instead of concentrating your foundation on spots, you don’t like about your face, like pimples, acne or freckles (it just gives an overall fake and artificial look) try grabbing a damp makeup sponge and work it over larger areas, as it will still give you a fresh and airbrush look with lighter coverage. Also, pro tip: start with a thin layer. If you’re not satisfied give it another twirl and repeat till you’ve reached that perfect look.

Acne Concealer

As we’ve mentioned before, covering your acne with loads of foundation might not be the best way to go on about it, but we also understand how confidence killer acne can become. That’s why we’re sharing with you an amazing tip – green color corrector! Start by using it and finish by dabbing just a bit of a thicker concealer with a small brush. That way, you can reach a natural result and still cover up most of your pimples and scars.

Brightening With a Concealer? No!

Maybe brightening up darker eyes with concealers is one of those things that you’ve done since you started using makeup, but it’s never too late to change. If your main goal is to look extra fresh on those complicated mournings, try this: start with some color corrector on just your darkest areas below your eyes. Only then you use a brightening pen on the rest of your under eye area. Remember, lighter shades don’t give fresher looks! Instead, try working with pens that have light-reflecting particles.

What About Brows? One Step is Enough!

If in your bathroom cabinet you have 6 different things just for your brows, you’re off to a bad start. We’ve got 3 little words for you: tinted brow gel. Especially on mornings, it can be your best friend, as it keeps your brows on fleek, adds stunning tones and it even helps to fill some bare spots – again, natural, but polished.

Now, ladies with sparse brows. In reality, a tinted gel isn’t going to do magic, so try going for a brow powder instead. You can always go for a thin brow pencil, but it just takes ages and if you forget and scratch it, you just have to start from scratch!

Eye Lines? Smudged!

Instead of spending 20 minutes perfecting a straight and stylish result with a winged liner, why don’t you go for a more modest and smudged line? What do we mean? Well, for that area really close to the lash line, use an eyeliner pencil, and just fill in the gaps between your lashes. Then, when you start getting to the corner of your eye, smudge it!

Final Thoughts

These tips are more than simpler ways to use makeup. Hopefully, they can be a gateway for a more confident persona, leading you to a stronger connection between you and your natural look. We’re sure that once you start shifting your idea of beauty, everything else will fall in place, and the world will feel more charming and delightful!

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