Non-invasive Alternatives For Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

skin tightening treatment

Skin can lose its laxity due to a lot of reasons. This happens because harmful factors attack and destroy skin cells. The common skin issues that can occur when a person is not aware of such harmful factors are age spots, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

If you are wondering if there is still a chance to reverse sun-damage skin, the answer is yes! Medical treatments are your number one go-to solutions regarding your skin issues. To find out why here is a fantastic read about one of these treatments that will surely counteract skin ageing.

Listed below are some of the other treatment options that you can consider if you want to tighten and smoothen out your skin.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Laser resurfacing treatment is known to be one of the popular solutions to getting rid of wrinkles and other cases of saggy skin. This treatment helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin to plump it up and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The device used in laser resurfacing delivers beams of laser energy into the skin with better precision than other treatment procedures like dermabrasion. The doctor will pass over the affected area a few times until the laser energy reaches the middle layer of the skin.

In some cases, laser resurfacing can be carried out while the patient is awake. This method is called “conscious sedation”. This is possible thanks to the medications given to the patients that will help them ease the pain. If the patient chooses to be asleep, doctors will still apply a topical anaesthetic cream into the targeted area to counter-attack the pain that comes with the laser treatment. This makes laser resurfacing one of the safest and painless treatment solutions. For better results, your doctor may require you to undergo multiple sessions of this treatment.


Microdermabrasion helps to smoothen out the skin by boosting its collagen production. The treatment may sometimes be referred to as sanding the skin. This is because of the device used in this treatment which consists of aluminium crystals. If you are suffering from severe cases of saggy skin, it is best to seek help from a medical professional. Home microdermabrasion may not give the best results as the ones that you can get from clinics.


Botox and filler treatment has a lot of differences. Fillers fill in the affected area with substances while botox paralyzes the muscle tissues that causes the lining in the skin. Once the muscle relaxes, fine lines and wrinkles will slowly start to be less visible. Botox also helps to plump up the skin reducing the saggy appearance. Patients who suffer from the early signs of ageing may find botox treatment as an ideal solution for them. Botox is also safe for any skin type and any age. 


Fillers may be used to improve the skin’s volume, fade away acne scars, and is even an option for nose treatments. This is made possible as the treatment works by filling in the affected area with dermal filler substances. Such substances include hyaluronic acid, collagen, lactic acid and the patient’s fat (gives longer results). Medical professionals used to utilize collagen for filler treatments normally, but as years go by, specialists have discovered that hyaluronic acid has given more effective results than the sid substance.

Non-Medical Procedures to Improve Saggy Skin

Some individuals may not be ready to undergo any medical treatments. Good thing there are some non-medical alternatives to improve skin laxity that they can try.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

You may be wondering why you have wrinkles at such a young age. One of the main reasons is too much sun exposure. The sun’s UV rays are known to be the skin’s worst enemy. That is because UVA rays damage the skin cells triggering skin depressions and pigmentations. If you want to prevent UV rays from taking damages to the skin, the best solution is to apply sunscreen regularly. You may need to re-apply sunscreen after a few hours so the product’s effects won’t wear out.

Get Enough Hours of Sleep

Sleeping does a lot for our overall health. If you lack hours of sleep, your body will lose its energy and the skin will start getting dry and saggy. This happens when a person does not have enough hours in the deep phase of sleep. The deep phase of sleep is when collagen fibres start to produce. The more hours of sleep, the more collagen you get. 

Sleeping for eights hours every night is ideal for an individual. This gives the body enough time to produce collagen to travel all over the body. This will also help the body produce more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that helps keep the skin thick and reduces the chances of wrinkling. However, when a person does not get enough hours of sleep, the body produces excess cortisol (a hormone that breaks down skin cells). This results in skin depressions.

Drink Enough Glasses of Water

The primary purpose of drinking water is to keep the body hydrated and clean from all the toxins that come with the food you ate within the day. Junk foods and sugary drinks are examples of foods that carry toxins that the body needs to dispose of. When you don’t drink enough water, these toxins will attack the skin cells, which will result in pimple breakouts. 

If a person does drink eight glasses of water every day, the skin will stay hydrated. This happens because flushing out toxins will help the skin produce collagen fibres. Also, it helps to slow down the ageing process.

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