5 Secret Benefits of Sprouted Foods for Weight Loss

secret benefits sprouted foods weight loss

Sprouting grains,beans and also nuts are becoming increasingly popular these days and that too for obvious reasons. Let us look into some very convincing reasons which would encourage you to sprout your foods:

High Fiber Content

One of benefits of sprouted foods is that they are high in fiber. This could be a quick snack of sprouts or even a meal of sprouted mung beans kitchari. Organic khichris like quinoa khichris are also a great meal option as well as a delicious alternative to a bowl of pasta. For those who are not familiar to sprouted mung beans kitchari, it is one of the most loved comfort food originating from India. It is super easy to digest and makes up a complete first class vegan protein. A high fiber diet is an essential aspect of your lifestyle if you are trying to lose weight. Those that may be trying to do so, or are even diabetic, can greatly benefit from making high fiber additions such as sprouts into their diet. Sprouts contain about 7.6 grams of fiber. This is especially beneficial because fiber is something that helps regulate your digestive system and ensures that it is processing and absorbing all the nutrients that are good for you while also being able to get rid of those that are not.

Controls Hunger Pangs

Another benefit of sprouted foods is that they are extremely filling. This is due to the high fiber content that the sprouts carry. Eating sprouted foods allows you to fill up your stomach with nutritious and satisfying meals without binge eating or overeating. This results in less hunger pangs which in turn reduces the intake of empty calories throughout the day. A great example would be incorporating  fiber-rich foods such as sprouts into a midday snack to tide you over from lunch to dinner without indulging in unhealthy “junk” food. This is a pretty simple idea- less empty calories equals quicker weight loss.

High in Nutrients

Losing weight is not only about eating meals that are more portion controlled, but also meals that are rich in nutrients and filling to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Mung sprouts are an excellent example of sprouted foods and is a great source of vital vitamins and essential minerals that are necessary to keep the body nourished. It can be consumed as a snack, added to a salad for lunch or even a side for dinner. 100 grams of mung sprouts allows for 40% of your intake of vitamin B9.  It is also rich in Vitamins B, B5, and B6. This is because sprouting foods increases the synthesis of vitamins by at least six to ten times as compared to those seeds that remain unsprouted. The American Journal of Plant Nutrition has stated that the vitamins B2, B5, B6 and vitamin C is increased and actually further promoted when seeds are sprouted. Just as organic foods are rich with antioxidants; the process of sprouting foods can increase the release of antioxidants that are stored in the cell walls of the seeds. There are several minerals whose availability also increases when food is sprouted. These include phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium as well as a rise in amino acid and protein levels by 50 percent. These all remain essential parts of a healthy and well-rounded diet and contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Low in Fat and Calories While Being High on Protein

As stated earlier, not only is it important to be in control of portion sizes but also remain cognizant of what foods are being consumed throughout the day. It can be very easy to eat a bowl of chips as a snack, or make grilled cheese your lunch. However, even if eaten in a small quantity, all that is being consumed are concentrated calories. Most often this temptation comes from trying to satisfy your hunger in a quick easy way. However, knowing what to eat is something that can make all of this a lot simpler and a lot more effective. Eating smaller portions of more nutritious and filling snacks can greatly benefit your diet without adding in any empty calories into it. An example of this is eating 100 grams of sprouts as a midday snack or a side to a meal. Not only is this only 100 calories, it is also full of the essential nutrients and will fill you up without loading you up with empty calories. Furthermore, many sprouted foods also contain a significantly lesser amount of fat when both cooked and when eaten raw. One hundred grams of a portion of sprouts for example, only contains .38 grams of fat while also being packed full of protein. This is especially beneficial because it has been researched that an increase in the intake of protein has been associated with faster fat loss.

Detoxifies Your Body

An important aspect of losing weight is making sure that along with working out, you are also making sure that your body is healthy from the inside out. This means consuming only the best that nature has to offer and making sure that you are ridding your body of all the toxins that may interfere with weight loss. Sprouted foods aid in doing so. For example, sprouts contain chlorophyll which allows for your body to be oxygenated and cleansed. They aid in digestion of the nutrients in the foods as well as lowering cholesterol levels with the decreased fiber content. All of these aspects help in making sure that your body is properly nourished and aided in weight loss.


Author Bio–  Sonal Khakhar is a founder of Aahana’s Naturals and has continued with the heritage of preserving traditional family recipes, and tweaking the inherited recipes further with her knowledge as a Nutritionist.

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