Most Common Weight Loss Methods in Austin, TX

you will read some of the most common weight loss methods popular in Austin, Texas USA

While losing weight is not as easy, a lot of people start off by making changes to their lifestyle, such as eating habits and levels of physical activity. The great news is that implementing a daily workout routine and following a commercial diet can really help a lot of people. People wish to lose weight for a lot of reasons. While some only wish to lead a healthier lifestyle, others may be looking for Austin body contouring clinics.

While some can achieve their weight loss goals with a couple of lifestyle changes, it is harder for others. These people find it hard to lose the fat on their body on their own and often end up giving on the idea. This is because their efforts of naturally losing weight don’t seem to make any difference in their weight or appearance.

So, what is it that you can do when the fat on your body is a little too stubborn? There are a number of surgical methods available in Austin to get rid of extra fat from your body. Or, you can also opt for non-surgical procedures, which are extremely helpful in losing weight.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Methods

This category of weight loss methods is best suited for anyone who is unable to reduce weight through lifestyle changes but also despises surgeries. Moreover, a lot of people also don’t qualify for surgical weight loss treatments for various reasons. Non-surgical procedures may be their only option to lose weight. You can easily get non-surgical weight loss procedures if you are:

  • in your earliest stage of obesity,
  • don’t have obesity-related health conditions
  • have a BMI between 30 to 40

Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is a temporary weight loss procedure for people with a BMI between 30 and 40. This non-surgical procedure can help you jump-start your weight loss journey so as to reduce any risks associated with surgical weight loss treatments in the future. It is a quick procedure, and you can head back home just a few hours afterward.

During the gastric balloon procedure, the doctor gives you a mild sedative then passes an endoscope through your mouth. With the help of the endoscope, they insert a soft, durable balloon in your stomach and fill it with a saline solution. This balloon takes up quite some space inside your belly, which reduces the space for food. Consequently, you eat less food to make you feel full.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastro-Plasty

The suitable candidates for this type of non-surgical weight procedure are people with a BMI above 35. ESG is a 60-minute procedure during which your doctor inserts an endoscope inside your stomach through the mouth. They do this by performing a suture pattern and closing down the stomach from the bottom to the top. This creates a sleeve.

Through this surgery, you get a restriction in your stomach to lose weight without having to cut away or remove any part of the stomach. You can expect to lose about 53% of your excess weight with the ESG procedure. However, you will also need to commit to a lifelong change in your lifestyle if you wish to achieve the best outcome. The good news is, the procedure helps in making you feel full, thus reducing the risk of over-eating.

Surgical Weight Loss Methods

Other terms for weight-loss surgeries include bariatric or metabolic surgeries. These surgeries are useful for helping with other medical conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, aside from treating obesity.

Surgeons perform the procedure by making small incisions and using minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy or robotic surgery. Surgical weight loss methods are safe and effective with few complications and less pain.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy uses a typical laparoscopy method of making incisions in the abdomen to insert surgical instruments. During this surgery, your surgeon removes about 80 to 85 percent of your stomach and stitches the rest of it together. After getting the surgery, your tube-shaped stomach looks like a small banana due to how much of your stomach the surgeons cut.

It is a restrictive surgical procedure that limits how much food a person eats during the day. However, it is important to note that the surgery does not affect nutrient absorption, which makes it a safe option.

With this surgery, you will experience rapid weight loss initially, but it will stabilize later on. The surgery is nothing too severe, so patients can go back home in around 3 to 4 days.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

This surgery involves your surgeon placing an adjustable silicone band around the top part of your stomach. It is the only surgical weight-loss method that is adjustable. Gastric banding limits the amount of food that a person can eat. Your doctor will adjust the tightness of the band based on your needs, altering how much food your stomach can hold.

When the band is securely placed around the upper part of your stomach, it creates a pouch above the band. The feeling of fullness depends on the opening of the pouch and the rest of the stomach. This surgery has the lowest rate of complications, and doctors can remove the band if necessary. Not to mention, it is a small weight loss surgery with quick healing and recovery time.

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