Is It Safe To Do Bleaching Hair While Pregnant?

bleaching hair while pregnant

Pregnancy is a crucial period in every woman’s life when she thinks only about the safety of his kid inside and nothing else comes in her mind. One most common question comes to every pregnant woman’s mind is to do bleaching hair while pregnant is safe or not? In Today’s post, we’re here to burst this myth let’s find out more.

The fear of harming the baby by any of her activity is just unavoidable. This tendency is the main cause of many misconception and myths that are baseless but pregnant women follow such taboos for the sake of the safety of the baby.

Thus, worrying about the safety of the child is not invalid but following many unscientific myths does not seem a wise action.

One such myth is about the use of hair bleach while the women are pregnant. People say (not experts) that using bleach during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus.

Let us see what the truth is.

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Myths About Hair Care During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is all about changes in the body of the women. There are various changes until the baby is born. These changes include the changes in hair growth and the texture of your hair. these changes may make you worried and you may follow some unproved facts like you should not cut your hair during pregnancy.

This is the most common myth that is followed by a lot of women who are expecting motherhood after some months.

In fact, you may have a haircut regularly to keep your hair bouncy and healthy.

Another myth is about washing the hair that says washing your hair might harm the health of the baby. This fact is totally unproven and experts are sure that washing the hair and the health of the fetus are two totally unrelated subjects. There is just no relation.

There are several myths about the care of your hair during pregnancy and if you cannot overcome the fear, you can always talk to your experts before you use any chemical on your hair or wear any hairstyle.

Talking to the experts is a good idea rather than follow some stupid misconceptions.

Before we talk about the effects of bleaching during pregnancy, we must have some information regarding common hair treatments and the chemicals used during pregnancy.

Hair Treatments During Pregnancy

There are various types of hair treatments in pregnancy, such as:


This treatment uses permanent, semi-permanent and temporary dyes.


Bleaching is done using hydrogen peroxide.


This treatment is done to create permanent curls using a waving and fixation solution.

Relaxers or Perms:

Relaxers are used to straighten the hair permanently. This procedure may include sodium hydroxide, potassium, or lithium as the chemicals.

As you may observe, all of the treatment include certain kind of chemicals. Only experts know about the effects of these chemicals. Thus, it is safe to consult your doctor before you apply any of the treatments on your hair.

This is the safest way you may follow while you are pregnant.

However, you may be aware of some facts about hair dyes and chemicals that you may use during your pregnancy.

Let us see below.

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Is It Safe To Do Bleaching Hair While Pregnant?

First of all, most of the experts agree that chemical found in semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not harmful to the body and they are safe to use during pregnancy.

Some claims say that a certain amount of dye is observed by the skin and it can affect the body of the pregnant women.

But, experts do not accept this claim and they are sure that such a small amount of hair dye cannot reach the fetus any harm.

Some claims, however, say that the harmful chemical can reach the baby through breastfeeding after the birth. They say a small number of chemicals can be observed in the bloodstream and the milk of the mother. Thus, there is a huge risk if you use such chemicals during your pregnancy.

If you do not want to use chemicals, you may use some natural alternatives like Henna on your hair. Such alternatives are totally safe and you have to be confused when you use such safe alternatives.

If you are willing to apply bleach on your hair, at least, you can consult your doctor to have proper advice.

It is the best to wait for nine months but if you are not ready to for a long period, you can hold using bleach for the first three months.

Moreover, you can read the next section to have a safe use of chemicals during pregnancy.

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How to Apply Bleach to Your Hair While Pregnant?

You may be pregnant or not, but you must use chemicals on your body by following some safety precautions.

First of all, make sure that your service provider is using high-quality products. It is the best if you do a patch test on a part of your body in the cause of pregnancy. During pregnancy, using bleach may affect your skin and you have to be prepared before you use the treatments frequently.

Always be in an airy, comfortable area while you are applying bleach on your hairs. Furthermore, use the chemicals only for a prescribed time on your and remove it before the highest limit.

After the treatment, you have to rinse your body with water and if you apply bleach by yourself, always wear gloves.

If you follow these tips, you may have a safe bleaching experience during pregnancy.


Well, you are wise if you do not follow the myths and have a scientific mindset. However, we have to say that washing your hair or a haircut is not a serious matter and you may follow or not follow the instructions given by your elders. But, if you apply chemicals on your body, you cannot do it carelessly.

Thus, when you deal with chemicals, you have to be more cautious to ask your doctor before you apply hair loss treatments during pregnancy on your body. Your doctor is your best companion during your pregnancy. So, meet your doctor and follow whatever they say about applying or not applying chemicals to your skin.


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