Top 5 Hemps Oil Brands In 2019 And How To Choose The Best

Top Hemps Oil Brands how how choose the best one

When you are shopping for hemp products for yourself or family members, you need to find companies that offer the best range of products, the best blends, and high quality. There are five brands listed below that you might want to use to care for yourself, your body, and your mental health. Plus, you can combine brands and products until you have the best personal treatment program.

1. XO Hemp

You should check out the XO Hemp Official website when you want a nice blend of oils that will be just right for managing pain, anxiety, and depression. You can use the XO Hemp oils as part of your daily routine. Take their small tincture when you want to get ready for the day, or drop the oil on your skin to treat joint pain or scars.

XO Hemp makes a range of sizes, and they have several balms, salves, and lotions that will be easy for you to use. Plus, you can buy from their website, find gift sets, or use these products in conjunction with other CBD products you like. XO Hemp has created a system that allows them to make quality hemp stems that can be used for extraction. Hemp oil also cures dementia and other old age diseases.

2. Balance CBD

Balance is a THC-free non-GMO that is made in the USA. This might be enough for some people to buy the Balance products that they have found, and you could start with their tincture because you want to know how it feels to take these oils every day. When you get an infusion of these oils in your body, you will notice the difference. Plus, you can use the lotions or salves to make sure that your skin is healthy.

When you change to Balance, you can buy a large bottle that gives you all the oil you need. Plus, you can try a travel bottle that will fit in your toiletry kit. Balance CBD is a company that keeps control of their products from the seeds to the bottles that they sell to you. You get high quality, and you will feel the difference when you use these products.

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3. Green Roads

Green Roads uses a CO2 extraction method to give you the best oil, and they get their oils tested by a third-party lab. When you are using Green Roads, you can buy any bottle you want no matter how big it is. When you get the biggest bottles, you can use the oils as a tincture, topically, and even in your food.

Green Roads likes it when their customers use their oils in shakes and smoothies. Plus, Green Roads makes it easier if you want to buy their tinctures. You might try their balm that is meant for use on your skin after you have cuts and scrapes. You might also rub this salve on your skin to treat joint pain.

4. Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals makes a fractionated coconut oil, and they produce several different flavors that you might like. When you want to try a mint, vanilla, or even a watermelon oil, you can come to the Lazarus Naturals website. You might also want a tropical or blood orange flavor that is made from hemp that they grow on their own farm.

The company does not use pesticides, and they are marketing their products to low-income homes and people who have disabilities and mental illness. This is a company that is focused specifically on the people who need their products most. Because of this, you can change your life using these oils every day. Lazarus Natural makes a CBD oil that is not addictive, and these oils are safe to use with pets, children, and the elderly.

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5. Ananda Hemp

Ananda makes MCT oil, hemp flower extract, cold-pressed blend, and a botanical terpene blend. This company wants to give you as much variety as possible, and that is why they are such an important part of the CBD industry. When you are shopping with the company, you will find that they make all their products in the USA. They are certified to grow hemp in the state of Kentucky, and they create organic products that are safe for you to use.

Ananda does not use hemp stalks, and they make a large tincture that will be perfect for people who want to use CBD oil as part of a heavy treatment program. If you need to use more than just a tincture, you could add the tincture to your shakes and smoothies. This company is in complete control of their product, and you can taste the quality when you use their oils.


The hemp oils that you buy for yourself and family members should be made by a company that you trust. Most people who would like to start using hemp oil need to consider which brand they prefer, the flavors they like, and the ancillary products they want. You might use a tincture, or you could use salves, lotions, and balms. Plus, you need to remember that you can use these oils with pets, children, and the elderly.

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