Skin Tag Removal: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Skin tag removal causes symptoms and treatment

Skin tags are flesh-colored growths on the surface of the skin. These are elongated structures of skin tissue attached to the outer surface of the skin with a stalk. Skin tags are harmless but if they grow on parts of the body which are highly prone to external trauma,  they run the risk of getting injured and become inflamed and this is when they turn painful. Skin tags sometimes become a great cause of distress if they appear on exposed body parts such as the face as they have a negative influence on one’s appearance. Removing them can help you get rid of the embarrassment they bring and prevent them from being traumatized. But before you get them removed,  it’s important to know whether the growths are skin tags or not.

To understand this we have listed the symptoms of skin tags and what they look like.

  • Skin tags are fleshy out-pouching on skin’s surface
  • They are non-cancerous
  • They are painless but may hurt if they are twisted or get injured
  • They are flesh-colored or a little darker than the rest of the skin
  • They grow in places where the skin is in contact with the skin


Although there is no known cause of skin tags there are some factors that increase the chances of their appearance. Friction is the most important factor that causes their appearance as skin tags mostly grow in places where skin constantly rubs against itself such as the armpits,  groin,  neck and near the eyes. We have listed some other factors that govern their growth in skin tag removal.

  1. Heredity

If you have the family history of people suffering from skin tags,  then your chances of contracting this condition are greatly increased.

  1. Insulin

Skin tags have been observed to strike people who have insulin resistance or have the inability to produce enough insulin. Those who suffer from skin tags should get their insulin levels examined and take steps to keep it under control to prevent skin tags from growing.

  1. Hormonal fluctuations

Women, in particular, have a greater possibility of suffering from skin tags when they hit menopause. This is due to the change in hormones that takes place during this period. Hence,  it becomes crucial to treat the hormonal imbalance to curb appearance of skin tags.

  1. Obesity

Overweight people are more at risk of suffering from skin tags. This is due to the increased friction in skin folds of obese people who have a lot of such folds on their entire body. Taking steps to reduce weight can help them to prevent skin tags from striking in future.


Skin tags are generally harmless but look genuinely ugly and uncomfortable as they run the risk of getting caught up in clothes or jewelry. Skin tag removal is an important step in curbing the discomfort they cause to the sufferer. There are many different ways of removing skin tags which can be sought to get rid of this fleshy outpouching on the skin surface.  A few years back,  surgery used to be the only option for removing skin tags. But since surgical removal accompanies pain and bleeding, not many people were willing to visit a doctor for surgical removal. But in today’s age, we have an endless list of at-home skin tag removal treatments due to the advancements in science and natural medicine. We have outlined some treatment options available for removal of skin tags.

  1. Excision

This is the simplest way of removing skin tags that most doctors perform. In this method,  a doctor cuts off the skin tag with a scalpel after anesthetizing it.  Since this method is painful and there is a chance of infection and bleeding from the region it is removed, it not highly sought by people as a safe method for removal of skin tags.

  1. Freezing

This is the quickest non-invasive method of removing skin tags which are currently being used by most doctors.  Here, liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin tag to freeze it. The frozen tag begins to shrink and changes its color as the oxygen supply is stopped by liquid nitrogen. The skin tag dies and falls off on its own within a week. This method is highly effective and should ideally be performed by a dermatologist as performing it yourself can be a little tricky because there is a chance of liquid nitrogen coming in contact with the surrounding skin or other body parts if you attempt to remove the tag yourself using this method.  However,  if you wish to perform this method,  you can do it with at-home skin tag freezing kits available in medical stores.

  1. Ligation

This is an ancient method of removing skin tags where a thread is tied around the tag to strangulate it from its base. This action stops the blood from reaching the skin tag after which it begins to shrink in size and comes off when it dies. However,  it is not considered as a safe method for removing skin tags at home.

  1. Laser Removal

Laser removal is the most advanced skin rag removal method we have but it falls a lot expensive than other skin tag removal methods.  In this method,  the tag is burnt off using laser light. The results are achieved in the single sitting and most people prefer this method over other methods as an instant way to get rid of skin tags as there is no scarring on the skin tag location.  This method is considered best for smaller skin tags.  If you have multiple skin tags, you may need to undergo several sittings.

  1. Tagband

Tagband is the most effective non-invasive skin tag removal you can use for safely removing skin tags at home. It is a completely painless method that guarantees to get rid of skin tags in a week or two.  This method works on the principle of ligation to stop the supply of oxygen to the skin tag.  The kit encloses tag removal band,  tag removal tool, and cleansing wipes.

The skin tag is cleansed with wipes and the band is attached with the cone.  It is then placed over the skin tag and tag removal tool is inserted into the cone.  After this, the band pops off from a side and begins to strangulate the skin tag from its base. The band is left in place with the tag until the tag falls off with the band.

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  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is quite beneficial in removing skinbeau tags for those who are seeking a natural way of removing skin tags. This oil has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which help in getting the tag removed without causing any inflammation on its surface.  Applying the oil two to three times daily till the tag dries and falls off is necessary to remove the skin tag with this method.

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  1. Liquid Iodine

Liquid Iodine is another highly effective cure for removing skin tags.  This solution destroys the tissues in the skin tag and causes it to die and fall off. To use this method, protect the skin around the tag by applying coconut oil and dab a drop of iodine tincture on the skin tag taking care it does not come in contact with the surrounding skin.  Repeat this procedure once daily until the tag dies and comes off.

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