Top 5 Foods to Help You Get in Shape This Summer

top foods to help you get in shape

You must have heard it pretty often, ‘You are what you eat’, and this is actually true. We all know that already, but how many of us actually eat mindfully, keeping this very thing in mind. When we think about getting in shape and shedding off some unwanted pounds, we think of proper diets and tough workouts, after we have done the damage to our bodies with our unhealthy eating habits and fast food. Opting to eat healthy all the year round not only keeps you in shape but also keeps you healthy, active, and young.

By eating healthy, some people mean to eat only salads (with iceberg lettuce as the top ingredient) and gorging fruits like Apples and Bananas but this is not the right approach. To stay in shape over the years, while staying healthy, you need to start eating smartly. If you are someone who is aiming to get amazing abs, a quick brain, steady physical systems and a nicely-shaped body you need to start eating healthy and smartly. Remember, every bite of your food counts and has its effects on you. This means designing your diet is significant and that has to be around nutrient-dense, most potent, muscle-growing, and disease-fighting foods.

But how do we start? How to choose the absolutely fittest foods? A number of TV shows that can guide you about healthy foods and motivate you to shift to a healthy diet plan. Consider subscribing to tds bundles and let the motivation keep going. In this blog post, we are going to recommend these top foods that will keep you in shape for the upcoming summer season.

1.   Salmon

Salmon is on top of this list for a reason, in fact many reasons. But the biggest reason of them all is that salmons are richly stuffed with omega 3’s. Omegas 3’s are known for their benefits in slowing down your memory loss while aging and boost the health of heart by regulating the rhythms and keeping veins and arteries blockage free and supple. The fatty acids found in fish seem to prevent obesity. Also, Salmon is a great source of protein. Start taking salmon three to four times a week, as it is excellent for building muscles and reducing fat. It stimulates your metabolism, and makes you feel fuller, and hence helps you consume lesser calories.

2.   Coffee

Apart from the obvious reasons that we love coffee, many pieces of research show that the caffeine ingredient in the coffee enhances your stamina and physical endurance. Especially for those who like to run for fitness, taking coffee before a run increases the stamina for a long run. Sports dieticians have noticed this effect and have reported it too. You can have it hot or iced, as per your taste, a half an hour or an hour before your jog or gym sesh and feel the difference in your stamina. If you don’t love coffee, green tea can help too.

3.   Ginger

Do you feel sore muscles after a hard workout? Although the intense aches hurt with every movement, yet you feel that it is a reward. Well, you don’t have to essentially bear these pains anymore, and you can work out as much as you want. Ginger is your fix. According to some instances, consuming this effective ground herb in small quantities (half a teaspoon) can effectively lessen muscle soreness. You can use this effective herb is ways that suit you the best. You can use a few slices in your detox water, or tea. You can even use the ground powder whilst cooking. It is beneficial in every way.

4.   Apples

Apples are known for their endless benefits. We have been listening since our childhood, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and stuff like that. Maybe it’s new for you to find Apples on the list of foods that keep the body in shape. Let’s enlighten you about its weight-loss effects. Apples are rich in an ingredient called quercetin, and it is known to boost energy metabolism and increasing endurance. Cyclists and runners consume quercetin supplements for good stamina and longer workout sessions. Make this amazing fruit your daily snack and boost your stamina effectively.

5.   Raisins

Chewing on to a handful of raisins is a great idea. This amazing dried fruit can give you an amazing stamina as it gives your body the much-craved carbs and revives the blood sugars effectively. Start snacking on raisins during your workout sessions.


This article is contributed to our site by Stephen N Mills.

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