Why Is Well being So Important? Health and Your Wellbeing

Well being definition

Why Is Well being So Important?

Well being is a trending word that everyone is talking about. Not everyone agrees on a single definition, but the most basic definition is how healthy you feel internally. It is how you perceive your own health and happiness from every angle. With the wellness industry expanding and gaining attention, there are dozens of ways to improve the way you feel inside.

But why is that important?

Without wellbeing, you won’t feel content, and your health might flounder as a result of your discontent.

Well being Definition

In order to get to the root of why wellbeing is one of the most important facets of health and happiness that you can invest in, we need to discuss what the word actually means. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people ranging from philosophers, psychologists, scientists, fitness gurus, and doctors who have developed several definitions of wellbeing, each playing up to what each specialist decides to emphasize. However, the common theme in every definition deals with contentedness.

If you have a high amount of wellbeing, you are satisfied with where you are in life, and your mental, physical, environmental, financial, and spiritual health reflects that.

Conversely, if you have a low amount of wellbeing, you would be depressed or unsatisfied with life. You wouldn’t feel healthy.

Now, you might think that wellbeing is more tied to your occupation or finances, because that would bring satisfaction to some degree. However, you wouldn’t feel healthier just because you drive a certain make or model of a car.

That said, people will affix a level of importance to certain things in their life. Some might place their family above all, while others might decide their passions deserve the greatest prioritization. This totem pole of values will ultimately decide what has the greatest impact on your wellbeing. In other words, if you place pursuit of your passion at the top of the totem pole but you are unable to engage in that thing, you might feel depressed and dissatisfied with your life.

Health and Your Well being

Values are a huge component in wellbeing, but so is your health. In fact, many believe that your health is the largest piece of well being because even if you went out and attempted to smash every goal you’ve set, a sudden affliction could derail everything. In turn, your sense of wellbeing is negatively impacted.

While we cannot always control what goes on if our lives, we can make healthy choices that reduce the risk of diseases that would cripple our efforts.

Aside from a diet comprised of fresh produce, healthy fats, and quality protein sources, you also need to exercise. Working out reduces depression, increases your sense of self-worth and self-efficacy, and it can even reduce stress.

Wellbeing is Essential

Well being is something that can be continuously improved upon, because as long as you are alive, you will have new goals to achieve, and your values will inevitably shift with your perspectives. Staying positive and healthy is going to ensure that your level of wellbeing stays sky high. Remember, you owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest, so be sure to take care of your health. Whatever wellbeing means to you, do whatever you can to improve it.

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