5 Diet Hacks to Lose Weight You Shouldn’t Miss This Season!

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Diet hacks or Embarking on any programme to lose weight is always challenging and there is so much conflicting advice out there, not to mention all of the fad diets promoted by celebrities that it can become overwhelming and confusing. 

Advice on eating healthily seems to change from one day to the next, with the types of foods to eat and those to avoid changing every minute. Add that to your own body’s cravings and eating patterns and it’s no wonder people get confused and give up. 

The good news is that you don’t need to starve yourself, fast endlessly or follow the latest fad diets in the magazines to lose weight. And for this post we asked the team of SportzBits – an extensive blog for the best sports gear, and here are their five diet hacks which will help you to lose weight faster, without too much trouble. 

Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables and salads are the perfect weight loss companion – by eating far more vegetables and salads. Pile your plate up high with a great variety of vegetables and salads and you will soon be too full to want to snack on anything unhealthy. 

It doesn’t have to be direct vegetables on your plate either, you can go for soups or other dishes made from vegetables – you could try green smoothies, or rice and pasta-based dishes using cauliflower rice and pasta and sprouted foods to lose weight and other alternatives, for example. 

As long as you have a variety of different colours and types of vegetables it will help to get you full, not to mention giving your body a great boost of nutrients and vitamins naturally, which will help you to feel more healthy and less tired. 

Don’t Ditch the Carbs 

Carbohydrates have long been regarded as the enemy of those trying to lose weight but our bodies need them for energy production. The key is not to cut them out altogether but to cut out the processed versions. 

You need to combine good quality carbohydrates with your protein intake so it’s about increasing the protein you eat and improving the quality of your carbs, in conjunction – as this pairing helps to regulate your appetite and your blood sugar levels. Having regulated levels reduces your sugar cravings and desire to grab an unhealthy snack. 

Instead of just getting rid of all carbs, go for those which release slowly, like wild rice, barley and oats and make sure you go for sensible portion sizes. You also need to eat them alongside portions of protein such as fish, vegetables or tofu. 

Go for carbs which are complex as they will help keep your energy levels stable and reduce those cravings for sweet things to deal with an afternoon energy slump. 

Eat at Regular Times Each Day 

According to Harvard University, If you are trying to regulate your weight you need to eat at regular times of the day – going long periods without food and then stuffing your face is what leads to spikes in our hormones and blood sugar and helps to add those inches to our waistlines. 

Our bodies are designed to burn calories during the day and store them at night, so if you end up eating late you will be storing calories it simply doesn’t need at that time of night, so you end up putting on weight.

Set yourself time in the evening after which you do not consume any food – your body doesn’t need to eat when you are about to go to sleep. 

Eat more during the day, when your body needs the energy and less at night when you are not moving so much and don’t need the calories.

You should aim for three main meals a day with the last one before 8 pm at the very latest. You can also go for healthy snacks between meals but avoid calorie-laden sweet snacks. 

When You Are Eating, Only Eat

It’s all too easy to rush meal times while watching TV, checking your phone or working on the laptop. In this busy day and age, we are used to grabbing our food on the go but it’s not good for our health and means we don’t always acknowledge our body telling us we are full. 

When eating try not to do anything else – slow down and set aside a time dedicated only to eating your meal – take the time to savour each mouthful and to really notice and appreciate the actual act of eating food. 

This will help you to slow the whole process and notice more when you have had enough your brain is too busy doing other things, the signals can get missed and you just keep eating and eating mindlessly.

It also helps you to enjoy and appreciate your food more. If you have spent time cooking yourself a healthy meal from scratch then sit down and savour every mouthful – being more mindful about what you are eating is a big help for weight loss. 

Choose Your Snacks

If you choose the right snacks they can help prevent you from suffering a lack of energy in between meals but snacking constantly on unhealthy foods is often the dieter’s downfall. Choosing carefully what to eat and when, for a snack, is the key to losing weight. 

Many people need a snack around 3 pm in the afternoon, for example, or around 10 am if they had breakfast early. Make sure to choose protein-rich snacks like nuts or crackers, just to keep you going without adding horrifically to your calorie intake or follow this weight loss guide.


Losing weight doesn’t have to mean adopting some diet fad or joining an expensive slimming group – it’s simply a case of using up more calories than you consume.

So by eating healthily, cutting down on the foods we all know are bad for us such as sugar and processed foods, we can make a big difference to our health and weight. 

Adding in some regular exercise, some self-discipline to avoid snacking and try to avoid eating on the go, and you have a straightforward formula for helping you to lose weight.

If you have any health concerns you should always talk to your doctor before embarking on any new eating plan. 

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